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I walk on the floor of a black pantheon,

filling your bed with dreams with roses,

imploring before you litanies of poison,

who once received the light from the cemetery.

I hear my heart beat.

of a ritual, of my blood, that makes you call,

call my faithful and greatest love, to my great

sweet life that one day passed away ........

You are your dark lady, who resorts to my call,

in the twilight of the night,

that was always your legacy.

Now I find you in front of me,

and I will never let you go again .......

Dark lady that you return to my arms,

with blood that I cry to you, when you left my hands,

I will never be alone anymore, as my lady of shadows .....

I will be with you until my hours arrive.

But what happens here, will it have been a dream?

Well, my death lady does not feel it in my chest ......

I curse the life I had to live,

because if he loved you, you had to die.

Now I realize, that I was the culprit,

of your pain and suffering, that in life you witnessed.

I ask you to excuse me with a sweet goodbye,

in this farewell and pain cemetery .....

Goodbye my dark lady, remember you, my prayers,

in this cold world, between graves and contempt ...

I remember that you swore to always be by my side,

and that day you wrapped me, in an eternal embrace.

I ask you to excuse me, for what has happened,

Well, when you were mine ...

I take your life.

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