Love so Short, Live a Must Have

in #love3 years ago (edited)

Your eyes so beautiful,
Staring at raw obsession
The breeze so cool,
A whizz over your silky hair.

The beginning is here,
Your voice so metallic mature,
Your approach so clear to the ear
To every word I shiver.

Each step towards me,
Every step I adore,
To hold I can’t wait longer,
Your charm I approve.

Our lips unity, a joy to behold,
Holding you close, to oblivion I drop.
The love that we created,
Scent from roses is envy.
In unison, our hearts dance,
Each beat a special rhythm.
Good moments I treasure, to live for you.

Love so free, a flow from the heart,
Much more beyond to wait,
My words to clear,
All from my heart, for you cherish!