On "Relationships"

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A lot of things really affect the way many of us tend to approach, one those things are actually our individual relationship with the opposite sex

Over the course becoming adults, it is quite pertinent that we get involved with the opposite sex in what is popularly termed a "relationship"

Most persons get to live and experience the fairy tale of finding that one person who is actually the right one at their first trial and this tends to last for a lifetime, happy ever after, although this tends to happen sporadically and without a definite pattern.

For the vast majority of other persons, finding the right person you to be in a "relationship" happens multiple times, they are in this relationship this time and with this person and the next time they are in that other relationships with the other person, this is quite very normal and doesn't in anyway indicate a spiritual problem but rather it points to the fact that both beings arent compatible behaviour wise to be in a relationship together.

It is quite important to learn how to cope when you are just out of a relationship that didn't work out, it is kind of hard initially especially when you start thinking you have a chance of amending such relationships, one of the best ways to do this is to completely try as much as possible to shut the door to that person, although this in itself is hard .

A relationship that didn't work out should not be the reason your life didn't, there shouldn't be a point in your life where you did have put your life in dismay because of a broken relationship, there are always better people out there, the universe will always bring that which is right to you even if you have to pass through a series of wrongs.


Relationship is like a game, it might or might not work out. But should continue.