Love School

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Loving you taught me how to be sad

I've been in need for ages for a woman to make me sad

For a women for me to cry in her arms like a sparrow

For a woman to gather my pieces like shards of broken crystal

Loving you, milady, taught me my worst habits

It taught me to open my cup at night a thousand times

And try herbal medicine and knock on the doors of fortune-tellers

It taught me to leave my house to comb the sidewalks

And follow your face with the rains in the headlights of cars

The light of your eyes is millions of stars

Oh woman, you made the world spin

Oh my pain!

Loving you, milady, made me enter the cities of sadness

Cities of sadness that I had not entered before you

I didn't ever know that tears make you human

That someone without sadness is a vestige of a human

Loving you taught me to act like a child

To draw your face with chalk on the walls

Oh woman, you overturned my history

I've been cut up as sacrifice to you

From artery to artery

Loving you taught me how love can change the map of time

It taught me how when you love the world stops turning

Loving you taught me things that were never expected

I've read childrens stories and entered the castles of the kings of the Jinn

And I dreamed that the sultan's daughter (ie, her) would marry me

Her eyes were clearer than the water of the gulfs

Her lips were more crimson than pomegranate blossoms

And I dreamed that I took her like a knight

And I dreamed that I gave her bracelets of pearl and coral

Loving you, milady, taught me about delirium

It taught me how the years can pass without memories


Very intresting post for school

It is the school of pur love ; It is a poetry

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Wonderful words and wonderful music. I love your post

Only those who've been in love will understand. This is beautiful. Made me remember what it felt like. Thanks so much for sharing. I almost teared down.

True love can not endure in this harsh time. Nice to meet you bro

Great enjoy a lot want to see more of this in future. @joulia

Sure ! incha allah

Nice .. interesting post!

Thank you

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