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We as a whole originate from various foundations. A few of us experienced childhood in a cherishing and empowering family, and a few of us didn't. We've likely all had some sort of relationship in our lives that has abandoned us feeling hurt. You can't control your outside conditions. I wish we could. What you can control is your own particular decisions. It can be difficult to love when you feel broken. On the off chance that you don't reach any relationship entire, you wind up (1) requesting that others fill in the broken pieces or (2) closing them out totally. You initially need to love yourself. At that point, you can offer connections your qualities instead of looking to them to settle your shortcomings. We as a whole have the ability to settle on this choice regardless of what hand life has given us.


It is constantly simpler to accuse others. Continuously. What's hard is looking to yourself and understanding that perhaps it's you who needs to change. Before you have astounding connections you must be somebody you would love. Be the mother you would need. Be the sweetheart you would become hopelessly enamored with. This is a long lasting procedure the vital individuals throughout your life will assist you with in the event that you are interested in it. Quit concentrating on others' inadequacies such a great amount of and rather deal with yourself.


Try not to keep down. Try not to hold feelings of resentment. Bet everything. We've presumably all been harmed some time recently, and I'm not saying we ought to overlook those circumstances. Yet. Try not to let past damages keep you from making new connections or experiencing passionate feelings for. This nearly transpired. I was harmed and felt advocated in my unwillingness to excuse despite the fact that my conditions had changed. What's more, this state of mind about kept me from meeting my future spouse. Try not to be reluctant to love profoundly. It can be frightening to rely upon anybody. Be open. Be overcome.



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Its an interesting question we should ask ourselves...what do we bring to the table, and where are we lacking and need work?

And that's how we better ourselves

This was a real eye opener! I always struggled with the two opposing views. The first is saying that you cannot change the other person. You can only change yourself. On the other side that opinion who says that you are ok just the way you are. What you said is appealing to me: Change into a person you would like to have on your side.

If we wanna change others , we should change ourselves first . They will do their own self changing . If we do not live ourselves , we can't pick faults in others

Yes, you are right!

This was an excellent read. The mind is such an amazing thing, it can make your life amazing in the most unbearable of circumstances and make every thing seem amazing, or it can make you miserable and unhappy even when everything is perfect. I think at the end of the day we have to find happiness and be grateful for the good things in our lives. Develop into stronger and happier people even if the conditions are not the best at the time. This will prepare us for later in life to be the happiest of people under any circumstance or pressure. Life is always changing and the current situations are never final. That is why we have to be happy now in the present. :)

Well said ! If we aren't happy or loving ourselves , then how can we actually love other people, we never will find happiness that way .

Lovely! Your photo's are awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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You have much reason dear friend @journeyoflife, no one can love another person, without first loving himself
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We start from ourselves , in order to love others we love ourself first

Beautiful and well said! Everything starts with trusting and loving yourself. Believe in yourself and magical things will happen ;) Have a great day!

And the choice is always ours ! God bless

Agreed - and I believe, in order to truly love another, you need to first love yourself. :-D

Thats where it all begins :)

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Well written! Thanks for sharing dear @journeyoflife!

Very nice pictures.

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Great post. :) Learning to genuinely love yourself is one of the most important lessons in life.

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Love yourself - so true and I would add one more sentence - "don't judge because one day you could be judge" ;))) I love your post my friend. Up :)))

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I would like to say you that it is a nice writing that i have ever read.
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