Life, Death & The Importance of Water!

in #love3 months ago

We must Cherish our Life by Drinking Healthy Nourishing Waters that Mother Gaia Provides! Start speaking intelligent prayers into your Eternal Divine Soulshine! Start to vibrate at a high frequency of Love & have more self-worth inside that shares this planet as a peaceful harmonizing mind! Blossom your Brain like flowers in spring rain & allow the color to flourish your day! Express your Higher Truth Exponentially New & Eternally You!

Death is part of nature & is an expression that allows for Life to be witnessed. The yin & yang, the ebb & flow of life as the pendulum swings to and fro. It's as silence brings in space for someone to speak from their face. Without the opposite possibility of comparative force, we could not see the relation of what something actually is. It's through seeing sadness that we understand gladness. Winter gives way for Spring as Summer Falls away! The seasons of change represent Birth & Death showing the cyclical nature of the Universe that lasts. It's up to us to live the best from our chest as we express! Give gratitude for this precious present gift! Share who you are while you are alive! Be more courageous & confident in your eyes! Birth new life into your mind as you speak your words of wise!

Shower your water with thoughtful prayers of vitalizing vibrance. Program the molecules with the magic you use & manifest a new view of youthful truth! DNA Structures of Crystalline Creation through the Elevation of your own Genetic Station. Broadcast your Signal & magnify your magnificence for you are this eternal dream of powerful perception that you play in!