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RE: Today, I Have My Own Dream. May I Share It With You??

in #love3 years ago

Well written! As long as humans have dreams we can change this earth to the image that 'WE' want and not what the rich people want us to do for them :)


yes @miguelr, what is your dream?

My dream is still my child's dream: that everyone lives in peace with him-, herself and send that positive energy to others in your family and your friends. Happiness, wealth: no poverty for all ... there is enough food for the whole planet. In earlier times we got 10 kids in a family and there was no hunger. They had a farm with a vegetable and fruit garden to feed their children and even neighbors!

so much respect @miguelr ... if you taught people how to grow food, or cook different kinds I would love to read, or watch that kind of content

@metama Thanks for your good advice ! A good idea to spread the true way of living :)

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