in #lovelast year

Unwanted, rejected, forgotten, alone
I know these things aren't true but I still can't control
The way I always feel every time that she is gone
There's no time when she's gone feels like she'll never return

An eternity for me goes by in seconds for her
What the fuck is wrong with me because I'm the only one who hurts
I'm just way too attached; now I feel like an ass
I tried to tell her how I feel and I just made her upset

She makes me so happy; I've never felt like this before
But I don't know how to let go; I'm always reaching for more
And I know we all need space and I know we all need time
But I just wanna be with her; I just want her to be mine
But it would be toxic as fuck if I kept her to myself
I know I can't do that but it feels like hell
Every time that we're apart, my mind returns to to haunt me
And right now it's got me feeling like she doesn't really want me

So that's why I'm always saying how much I love you baby
So many times a day, I don't care if I sound crazy
Because if you love me too I need the constant reminder
So I do the same for you to hear you tell me one more time my girl


Photo by Ian on Unsplash

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