Fires In The Night

in #lovelast year

Remember those bonfires every Friday night
And all the excitement of youth in our hearts
All of a sudden, by chance there was a spark
An unexpected love that burned so bright

A long chain of events that happened just right
Led to this very moment, and changed our lives
Shattered my world and melted the ice
Showed me for the first time what real love feels like

It all happened so fast, dry leaves going up in flames
And as the weeks passed, the fire remained
As is the way of nature, it's no longer a raging blaze
Yet the love still burns strong, a glowing log that smokes for days

We took a leap and it seems the right choice was made
The warmth we give each other keeps us close through all the rain
Nothing serious gets between us; we've always found a way
To meet in the middle and together we stay

I hope that the years ahead continue to show
That the longer we're together, the tighter we grow
Because I can't imagine returning to my old life alone
It felt like I was drowning, but you keep me afloat

Never forget the fires where this all began
We'll keep those days in our hearts as much as we can
To warm us through any winters that may lie ahead
Until the sun returns and we can burn bright yet again


Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

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