To Death

in #lovelast year

Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash

It's hard to be alone with my thoughts
But you make it all okay
Alone with my feelings they get dark
But you make it all go away

When I look into your eyes
I have never felt this way
You're all I can think of when we're apart
And I hope that you will stay

All the struggles of being alive
You make it all worth it
Knowing that in a short time
I can see you again

Now that I have you in my life
You're what makes my heart tick
You've given me a warmth inside
That's forever changed everything

I'm sorry I'm not perfect
But you know I try my best
To make you the happiest
Girl I've ever met

When we lay in bed at night
With your head resting against my chest
There are no words to describe
How much I love you to death

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