How do you convince any girl & make your girlfriend? Just follow the 10 pro tips in below...

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Because the behavior of girls is auspicious and mysterious, they can not be brought under any specific rule. They can constantly create new thrillers and dramatics. So it is difficult to say that you can reproduce any girl by applying any special rules. From the beginning of the universe to the nature of women, with weakness and love, some of the research has been made clear, in fact, their strengths and their weaknesses, how they are soft and what they are warming. If you can keep these ideas in the mind then you cannot just convince the girl, you convince her whole family.

Let's see these ideas of how to convince the girl & make your girlfriend...

Point - 1) Friendzone:


In the first scenario, it is good to stay in the Friends Zone with girls. Friendzone mean to put a close bond of friendship. Perhaps you may have sorrow for your forehead if you take a decision without knowing the past and future of the girl. Then instead of how to kick the girl, you will start reading how to leave. So how can he come to his eyes from the friend zone, try to be his heartbroken and think about his thoughts and preferences at this time.

Point - 2) Choose a hassle-free topic for talking:

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At the beginning of the introduction, girls will have to be very careful. If someone does not want to speak on his personal issues, he does not have to press him. It is not right to say something that the girl uncomfortable feels. Initially talking about her favorite movies, songs, family and interests. It is not right to force a girl.

Point - 3) Be polite:

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When we see a gentle boy, we think he is Boring. Actually, when you are gentle, you know how to respect others. And this is a multiplication that most girls like. Use some respective words such as "Please, Thank You, You're Good Com," and don't talk to others in front of her.

Point - 4) Stay smart:

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Before the visitor, afterward the judge. Keep watch on how you look. If you are confident of being physically-mentally fit, you will easily have a place in her desired life. Every day a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep will increase the quality of your life while wearing the costume also considers your external infrastructure. Choose a dress, considering what you like and what does not look good. And yes, do not forget to take care of hair.

Point - 5) Exhibit your beautiful personality:

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Move around when talking with your beautiful person. Enlighten your positiveness, kindness, instant gratification, thinking power and beautiful uses. She should understand that you are the best as her boyfriend.

Point - 6) Show your own qualifications:

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Girls can sometimes choose your creative works. If you have a unique telecentre, try to show it to the person. What can you do Good guitar can play? Or can sing? Someone can play well again, some may say good. These unique televisions can make the girls very weak. Just understand the opportunity and present in front of her.

Point - 7) Talk continuously and ask a nice question:

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How to listen to the girls to be in love? Then tell the mystery. Using this technique, 23 beautiful women and their bank account won - a young man. He was asked to relinquish love technique. She said, there is no mystery about the girl's plotting. All you have to do is talk only with the girl and ask questions according to her interests. It will work in diameter.

Point - 8) Listen to her talk:

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Generally, girl they prefer to listen to themselves. but this does not mean that they will not say anything at all. Whatever you say, keep listening to you like a listening audience.

Point - 9) Talk with eyes in your eyes:

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Girls like to talk with eyes and eyes. Hey brother, do not go crazy right now before I have to learn how to import and control Impress. The first step is to actually figure out how to rake the girl - I contract. The eyes can say the mind, in the eyes of your eyes, if you can convince him that you love him, you will be happy with her. He will understand the rest.

Point - 10) Praise her:

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William James said - that the desire for praise is a deep wish for human character. But he should appreciate it earnestly. So that she started to think of herself as someone special. Want an example? So listen - Wow, you can say quite beautiful !!

Some word:

Saying this whole article will tell you, without excluding all the rules of convenience girl, I will say - life is not limited to convince for girls only, make yourself great then that girls are looking for opportunities, How can you be convinced...

** Question of the day **

Among these tips you implement any point in past life?


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