After one year of breakup💔💔💔💔💘

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After one year of breakup
Boy son
She is very surprised to see the phone
Holcona is one year
No boy in
Phone to Day
She did not give him the phone call, but she did not
Then we would insult them
To the end
The phone has received ............
Son: Hello guys
What do you call the phone
You know how are you?
For example: why am I
I know what you did: Tell me too
Wish to know
I can say
But I can do this for you
No longer in the tears of the eyes,
Now in the middle of the night thinking about you
Not sleeping, inside the chest for you
The pain in that chinchin now feels
Karina, alone way without you alone
Do not be afraid of going now and its name
If I'm good, I'm fine, I'm fine without you
I think it is
Be good
This is what the boy cut the line.
The boy cut the line
Along with the girl's eyes, the water
Which prevents the resistance
I did not want to prevent or prevent
No. He said to me
You are still as old as before
I believe in my words to believe me
I do not know what to say
Now believe me the words of my mouth
If I could not understand a bar, I could not
I'm fine, without the exception, I can not live well, because of the reason
If I'm good at having me