"But you love the whole opposite of dreams"

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Looking at the outside, Maisha sees the legs uninterrupted. Due to his leg dancing, the water of the glass on the table is shaking, and seeing Amit's litter also trembles. Seeing the tremor of 10 magnitude in the Mysore Rictorcase, he cut a pinch on his feet.
-Ouch! I do not think so.
-Why do not care? See how the boy looked.
This is my habit. Do not know! Tell the boy to look outside.
Though the words are fishefisite, but Misha wants to cheer loudly, so that the boy can get caught. But he can not. Grandmother says that the bride has to talk to come to the bride, she has to take a shy look. But shyly thought that Misha was sitting with full anger. This first look at Amit is Maisha.
"What the boy is spying on, why do not he know that I do not like the twinkle cock like that of a trunk cock, but how could you have any similarity with the names?" Maayas kept in a rage in the mind. After talking to Maisha and Amit, Meysera thought after the move.
Lots of calm! Once looked at the chicken fritters placed on the table, Maisha. He loves her very much. But while coming, the grandmother also said, "The bride does not have to eat in front of the groom's bride, you do not have to eat anything in the garden." "Oops, that's what her grandfather's old mindset is.Untitled-1qhejtk.jpg

  • Did you say anything?
    Surprise and Maisha! "The boy did not hear anything!"
    I did not say.
    -What are you reading?
    -Did not see the data?
    I have seen it
    -What are you asking?
    I could not find the truth. You have something to know
    -Can you?
    Say it
    Why does not your look match your name?
    What kind of?
    This is the name Amit, and the face says my name is Rocky!
    -Hahaha! What is the look of Amit?
    Amy's face is like the raindrops of raindrops or Humayun Ahmed is like a white one.
    -Hahaha ....... funny!
    -Hum really fun
    Maisha again becomes uneasy. Why his life is so funny This is how her parents are having fun with her. Looks like chicken fritters in the table itself. Everyone is having fun and he is watching.
    Today is a boring day, Mysar. Amit did not like it, but he has been told to the father. They do not even know why. If you do not want to know, maybe it would be difficult to accept Amit. Myisha has a high nose, and nothing in the world is like her. This is the kind of people who love his arrogant nature, but the people around him know all about "big jealousy" nature. He is sure the boy also will be like this. The boy is still a little childish. He may never understand the cold ice cream fun, Amit may not understand that Rabindra music can cool the time in the hot summer, maybe it does not understand that there is no loneliness in the rainy season, but thousands of rain drops are unaware of you, maybe ..... .... All of them are well-liked by the madness of the higher level. Mysara very much like sitting on the ceiling railing, sitting on the legs hanging. But once the scandal went into the sit-in. Thinking of her grandmother, she wanted to commit suicide. From that she did not sit againFWGHRJ.jpg
    All his bizarre desires are witnessed by a diary.
    Looking at the diary, he often wondered, "Without this diary, no one else has ever been born, who can understand everything in the eyes, who can be imposed on love because of his crazyness." I have gone after the novel, and that particular man is the hero of the novel. He is not written anywhere. "
    Meyser is the voice of the mobile call
    -how are you?
    Tell me
  • I dream [laughs]
    But I'm awake.
    -What have I said about sleeping dreams?
    Also dream your name? Then i'm sorry. I do not know anyone by this name. Keeping it ..........
    -Hello hello, please do not please. I am Amit.
    -I knew.
    -Baby saved your number on mobile
    -What do you mean?
    -Man! ["This boy knows how it is!"]
    In other words, when someone else in our mobile save the number when we do not want to take the number, do not we?
    You're a very clever man.
    -G ["If a fool comes, all men are clever"]
    -Fix! What did you murmur?
    -No nothing. Keeping good will be. Invitations to marriage
    Maisha smiled laughing unconsciously Seeing yourself in such a form is a little surprising,
    Meanwhile, the formalities of their marriage begin. On the day of the yellow days. Amit looked at Misha. Wearing a sari of white sari and yellow border. The yellow feathers or the girls look very beautiful. Amit would not have known so much. Amit wants to sing a lot of songs, it is not a movie that the hero is in love and the song will start in the next scene. Nah lyrics will listen to Maisha alone alone. Although the occasion of the halud was sung, but it is a special song.
    Songs are being organized for the song. Maisha is sitting beside each other. Suddenly a faint voice song was hit by the ears of Misha.
    "Inside me and outside
    You are in the heart of your heart "
    Looking at the singer, Misha did not understand what to say. Amit looked at him and singing a song. This is the first time Misha got shy. The ideal of the new bride's shame The man standing in front of his dream got the first good. Maybe singing his favorite songs, or something else.
    For now, no name can be given to this "repair". The marriage became so fast that the two people did not get the time to know. Someone in trouble in the marriage has not been able to smuggle anybody so long. After two days of marriage. Maisha, Amit and his sister are doing stories. After a while Amit's younger sister cried out,
    -Brother earthquake!
    No, no.
    -Yes! The bed shook.
    By that time, Misha had stopped dancing. Amit looks at Misha and laughs, "Yes, Ray will be May 10 in Richter Scale"
    Myisha looked at Amit with a blind eye. He smiles very much But there is some pressure. Without going for a few days, Misha noticed that Amit took very care of him. In the new environment, Maisha may adapt herself, directly indirectly taking care of her own responsibility. Thinking of Misha, "How can this boy be like this? I think the opposite is the opposite."
    After a long time, sitting in the diary, Maisha This is the first writing after Amit came. "Nowadays the boy is better than a little bit, but still, depending on this 'nevertheless', would it have been bad if you lost somewhere? Yes, he would not understand everything in the eye, I would not understand. He did not face it. "He wrote to write, he noticed that this little girl was coming in all. And do not dare to writenastroeniya-serdce-serdechko-1621.jpg
    Maisha is standing alone on the roof Amit stood behind me.
    Are you thinking about me? Hihai
    -No What are you thinking about
    Though I am not a dreamer, it is a matter of thought. Hihai
    You can not speak without a laugh?
    Nah is not at all. Do not you laugh, will not I? If both of them face gombera then the future is dark. If there is any disaster on him, then do not have to pay me the dower? Hihai
    Maiya is amazed by Amit. Maybe it's like someone who is hiding on the diary's page, not like the prince's son-in-law.
    -Maysha, do you really want to hang on the ceiling railing?
    Now, when the Misha does not fall from the sky on the ground, it is rising from the ground to the sky. Because gravity is the opposite of energy, the rise in the sky is something to surprise.
  • How do you know?
    -Magic magic!
    You hide something!
    Amit took out a thing hidden behind.
  • My diary! Where did you get it? Give me
    I will not. If you understand a pen 5? Can not tell me without writing the pen and writing it in the diary?
  • Amy! Give me my diary.
    Amit says to give a diary to the innocent face, "Well, do not lose somewhere on this basis but can sit next to some time?"
    All of my bizarre holder will be?
    Amit said, "Do whatever you do, do not force the roof to sit on the railing."
    -Thank you!
    Two people sitting on the open roof, cloudy sky?
    And the rest of the song-
    "Buddha has brought water in my eyes, for no reason
    Blue has brought lightning from the sky only for a reason
    Day-to-day pricing
    He bought me that I bought.