Four years may be a lot of time!

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Four years may be a lot of time! It was not known in a short time. On 2013th December, 14 on December 8, 23 was like a different kind of love. I wanted to be my every day. 23th November. If you are so emotional, maybe i want to forget or forget the reality. But the real potent, he wants to come back to the bar. He is the best to be in it and I have to have it? I couldn't stop the reality. He is right back.
Just a few days, just a few days! Still I think your affection has been born. Can't leave. Love and Maya! Two standing in two. Who are you? Love is not in love. It's hard to take a decision. One who has to leave. This thought is a bad mind? Hey crazy mind what is bad!
I love you and I love you. Your mind is bad. Your emotions touch me. In your smile, my world becomes colorful. And I know how I feel for me. I don't like it. I don't want to be a bad reason for your mind. What do you do now? We made it easy to make your decision.
I know you have a strange match between your love and affection. You were telling me! We both call you the blue angel. Both of you arrange dreams with you.
My Kingdom was maharani. I call me commander. Big wish was the king of maharani! I will be the king. What is the desire to fulfill all the wishes? You say my all wishes are not fulfilled. I don't wish to do more. Trust me I have left all the wishes in the sky and I have no desire.
I will love you in my absence. I will forget you in music. Never be illusion. Love is not the world. Love is all the world.
Stay good with love. The illusion will go. Forget me. Four years is very low.


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