romantic love story

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  • What do you do?
    --- Play foot ball.
    --- Well, I thought I played chess.
    The wife comes to me with a knife in my hand, I scared one after scared for fear.
    --- This beat
    Wow, my wife tries to get ready to get ready for battle,
    --- Just cut the fingers of the hand.
    --- Oh, do not you say so, according to the verb rao torture.
    On the wall, I was stuck on the back and there was no chance behind it. And there was no protection.
    --- Really hanging fingers. I'm your only husband.
    Shrinked the color of the shirt and said, that's why I'll cut, my things I want, what I will do.
    What do you say, wife, all this morning, whether you have eaten something in the morning or morning, all the blisters are out in the mouth.
    --- That does not come out, I'm speaking in the brain itself.
    --- What is my crime?
    --- Why did you sleep tonight with my fingers on my back?
    I do not understand what I can do, and I do not understand what can be done with that.
    --- Hey, I'm designing.
    --- What are the designs on my back. Listen to what design.
    I pulled out the tooth, and laughed it, put two hands on my wife's shoulders and said in a romantic mood,
    ---- Try to do it, not so.
    Where do I know that a carrot roars in my face and say, keep it the next time you try, this is not a mistake ...
    How does it take to say that the whole ten million taka is donama bhaya by the means of listening to the slang?