Lucky to feel lonely at times Matter..

in #love3 years ago

Often lonely to feel lonely
Matter Lots of people feel lonely longer time
Can not do When do you think alone? When frustrated
Is. There are many objects on the head, but they are frustrating
In despair, it seems to be a big lonely person.মাঝেমাঝে একাকীত্ব বোধ করাটা খুব ভাগ্যের.jpg
When you are alone, you feel loneliness
Then you will not see some people nearby. this
People were not with you before but you
Then we did not find any such thing. These loneliness are those
People will know from you very closely.
A bus passes on the bus seat.
A passenger arrives at the place where he is in the seat
Another came and sat down. He runs away at his destination. That
The bus stops at the people and the bus stop
Come and be alone once. For momentary time
People need buses. All needs to be finished
The end The interest is cut down in the incense.
If you are alone, people can go to China. Who is dear and how much
Unpleasant The mysteries of the world may have been the favorite and unpredictable
In the whirlwind. You'll find yourself very lonely
Right now your favorite man will also change.
As much as you suffer alone than you are
Get the trouble instead of going to This swap
You did not notice at all. More
That's how you recognize people. Changing people
For the man that you woke up tonight during the night, you wake up tonight
Waiting for his message or waiting for his message
Have lived. Tried a little fine by trivial him
Whether you can wake up in a night?
The result may be that he is not, but you are 'Hudai' for him
Wake up at night. And the opposite of the message, it was night and day
Get bored.
Some people are for a short time in their own interest
Behind the side. Happiness is a sad story. Stay beside
Gives false promises. They can be seen at the bottom
One step away and pushing away. Dive before all.
Some people dive into the basement and they are lying downstairs. Someone or the storm
Just like it turns all over again. Somebody's grief
The arrows give up. When you're away, stay away.


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