True love

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Sapphire roofs are standing in the eye. All day long
I did not eat anything. Friends
And I wanted to go around with it
Mom did not let her go
The door was locked from the outside. At 11am
Trying to explain the girl with the door open
Nila's mother But the blue mother has two
Pushed the hand. Because the mother did not let the mother go
Strike She does not want to lose the only girl. That
From there stand on the blue roof. Mom several times
Tried to take Neel down but
No work has been done. Often bad with mom
Used sapphire Anyone else
Maybe he could not come closer to life or come closer to life
So mother

Everything that is said to love in the world is only
The truth is to my mother. All the other lies and hypocrites.
It's been evening
It is the way that bad use of the whole day
Do not remember him. Suddenly the phone of Nilar rang ..

I can not go with you.
_Asis did not have us right
The car has an accident
The situation is very bad.

_ What do you say ?? Theirs
Who was taken to the hospital?
__ Yes. Now let's talk later.

Mother raised her up with the stairs ...
___ How long will this sapphire taste? Not income
I'm saying I'm wrong.

Mom still did not eat just for me. Yourself today
The criminal seems to be Nilara
The sapphire went ahead and embraced the mother.

The sarcasm started crying
_Ma, do you love me so much ??
Do not try to love me. You do not understand.
_ Do you suffer so much ??
_no ray Why do you trouble me!
Please forgive me mother.

Both of them started crying loudly. Kanna
The sound is mixed with the air in the air. This evening, this is it
Akash, this nature has become all silent. Maybe true
The love of love has become silent.
Only mother can love a child. That is the truth