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A little inconvenience story

A kid who had a considerable measure of dreams She will be companions with numerous individuals. As a result of this ID opened on his Facebook. His name was Rafa. She used to be extremely quiet in school. He had numerous companions in the school. Be that as it may, all were young men. No companionship with a young lady. Facebook ID opened in 2009. He used to go to cybercafes consistently and utilize Facebook. He never believed that he would need to confront this circumstance today. At that point there was no young lady companion in her Facebook id. He goes home on Eid occasion. Realize that his cousin has a Facebook id.

He added his sibling to his companion list. His sibling acquainted him with a considerable lot of his companions and companions. Alongside his gf Rafa calls her sibling's GF as FB. They have not seen them vis-à-vis. Rafa completed a considerable measure of wretchedness with her emotions. All of a sudden multi day revealed to her that she didn't have your gf. He didn't answer specifically. His thinking is that one of my profile's connection, similar to this, is additionally my darling alone. Rafa sent her companion's save. The young lady exits. Her name is Tani. A large number of them are discussing. Tanee who likes him extremely well. Be that as it may, never have the boldness to state anything. It was quite a while. Raffar SSC exam comes later. Multi day before the test, intrepidly talking about the decency of the ruler. Tani takes 3 days.

He doesn't return for 3 days ... 15 days in the multi day space. Be that as it may, the strain still does not come on the web. I lost my confidence. I don't figure Tani can get it. It didn't hurt to such an extent. after 3 weeks ............ multi day at Tani Online. I didn't state anything to him. He revealed to me I adjusted your propagal. I was not all that upbeat by any stretch of the imagination. I asked Tani, where were such a significant number of days? Tani: Yes, my fever came in to consider whether I would state yes or not. So don't back off. After that numerous needed to converse with us. After a SSC test, we purchased a portable.

Tani and I used to talk at the versatile and I would have thistles. In this way, five months passed ... all from Tanani Fémili to Chittagong. We got a chance to meet Fixed date settled. We have seen and are perfectly. This day of my life is essential. I disregard a few days ago and keep in mind about this day. This is the first occasion when I have been talking specifically to a young lady and again I cherish her. I don't know when I lost a nation. I was sitting next to each other's hands. I anticipate each other's eyes. On the other hand he returned to Dhaka. I was extremely miserable when the coconut was leaving. Discussing portable. All things considered, I don't know how I feel. Simply needed to meet. All of a sudden there is no doubt of Tani. Try not to hold the call. Try not to call and don't. I'm extremely stressed. after 8 days the call originated from his number. Be that as it may, the voice isn't his. The young lady said to her crying ... sibling, sister is no more. I didn't comprehend at first what to state. Asked his identity? The appropriate response came when she was more youthful sister of her. Where did the ruler reply to make the inquiry isn't on the planet. He cried this way. My head fell on my head. I attempted a ton in Dhaka however I proved unable.

Once more, I got a call at AI number. I asked how I was executed. Said 9 days back the mishap happened. Recently said the words. In any case, today we returned to seventh standard from 7am. The circumstance turns sour and passes on at 11. I never got such a great amount of distress in my life. I was spending a great deal of torment. Abruptly, multi day the message originated from the quantity of Tani, who sent her younger sibling. It was composed "Sibling, I couldn't converse with all of you day. Apu gave me a message for you. The message is "I think I need to leave. You don't sob for me. In the event that you discover me preferable or better over me, at that point take life as an accomplice. Keep in mind forget me, don't worry about it, I wouldn't fret. On the off chance that you live, you will see Inshallah. "" After this message I got more tears. I invested such a great amount of energy stuck in an unfortunate situation. Be that as it may, the distress went additionally up on the last 28th of the month. I returned home with my companion Ashiq, Asif, Sajal, with disturbing evil. Be that as it may, the truck left in the house. I went to the place to visit once more. Right then I saw sitting in an auto before me. I couldn't trust me. At that point I missed a call from my cell phone number at Tani. I saw that young lady took her versatile hands. I fouled up once more. At that point the young lady took her portable hands.

I turned into a full souwer. I took a gander at him for some time and sobbed. All of a sudden I understood that Tani additionally observed me. He left the auto. I figured he would come towards me. In any case, he stuck in his auto and stood taking a gander at me. When I saw the strain, I was feeling exceptionally confounded. She completed a great deal of terrible work with me. I went straight from that place ... when I returned I thought back. He took a gander at me ....................................... imageSource

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