Learn To Help Yourself (:

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“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”


When push comes to shove. We must face our problems ourselves.

I constantly preach how hard life can be sometimes. That being said...

I rarely discuss how we must, as individuals, overcome our problems.

Without help.

I believe in getting help for overcoming our problems and our fears but it all begins with one person.


You are the one that has to believe in yourself.

You are the one that has to understand that life is worth living.

You are the one that has to understand that life is worth fighting for.

Life is awesome, but sometimes we go through periods in which we fall into a dark pit of sadness. We struggle to see a way out, we cannot see the light.

I can guarantee you one thing.

You will see the light If you believe in yourself.

YOU have to train your emotions and habits to become independent and fulfilling to your needs.

Have independent thoughts and opinions.

Live the life that makes you happy (:

Right now science only proves we have one life to live.

Live it your way.

Happiness is contagious spread the love.



I agree, happiness is contagious! STEEM ON!

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