Ha this is pretty funny. I thought of this beautiful english word while reading your joke:

"CULT: a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister."

Hi there, steemchiller! Would you check out one thing on Steem Account Recovery page on Steemworld? I think there is an error on
Incoming Recovery Request function.

A : Account to Recover
B : Recovery Account

When A has send a request account recovery, Incoming Recovery Request list is not shown to B has logged in. But that list is showing up when A has logged in. (This is impossible)

Would you check what happened on this page? Thanks for your great work.

Thanks for your bug report! I was testing it recently and all worked fine, but I will check it again today ;)

Thanks a lot for your kind reply :)

I started an Account Recovery Request for account @sw-test from my account @steemchiller. When I sign in with @sw-test, I see the request in the list as follows:

Are you really signed in with the right account? I tried to sign out and in again multiple times and it always worked without any issues for me :)

Yeah, but If @sw-test has got lost his private key he can't sign in to Steemworld.

I think If @sw-test want to recover his account, should @steemchiller make a request recovery transaction?

What I really wonder is how lost key account can sign in to Steemworld and check out the incoming recovery request. ;)

That's how the security mechanism of the blockchain is designed. And it makes sense when you think about it. Otherwise I could execute the recovery process without the permission from the users (I could change their keys without asking them).

Also it is required to enter the old Private Owner Key to confirm the recovery request. If an owner loses his keys, there is no way to recover his account. The Account Recovery is there to recover an account in case of a hack.

Thanks for noticing me. I think I didnt understand completely. Do you mean @sw-test can sign in with previous private key(a private key before changed by hacker) on sw to confirm the request?

HAA!! Funny stuff man. Thanks for all your hard work on steem. Been using steemworld since I started. You have our witness vote

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Happy being censored on a centralized blockchain?

I don't mind the Hive price, at least I have a soul and a spine :)

Sure. But what are you doing on this "tainted" chain? Better run before your feet start rotting.

Powering down and commenting to make sure anyone late will know what's going on. But thanks, it's nice to have newbies giving advice ;)

Happy being fooled on an oligarchy-centralized blockchain? I'm not giving anything to either of them right now because I have a soul and a spine. :-)

Oh which oligiarchs you mean? You do realize the difference of "multiple people running the chain" and "one person running the chain"? Hive is anything else but centralized.

It's great you have a soul and a spine, I wish you had a brain too.

The oligarchs from the first hour, the other ninja-stake-all-time-misusers except of the steem-account, namely freedom, pumpkin, blocktrades and more (if I were informed right and remember right). Their ninja-stakes should have been forked out as well as the steem-ninja-stake or at least strongly limited!


Es ist schon interessant, dass der Kurs von hive mittlerweile tiefer liegt als der von steem. Die Manipulation der Spielregeln für bestimmte Accounts gefällt mir allerdings auf beiden Seiten nicht.
Ich mache erst einmal zweigleisig weiter, auch wenn mir ein Zusammenbleiben wesentlich lieber gewesen wäre. Da es aber nun anders gekommen ist, wünsche ich mir einen fairen Wettbewerb ohne Krieg.


Too hard to read, could you chop this up in photoshop or something?

Etwas schwarz zwar, aber schön, dass du deinen Humor nicht verlierst... 😉

@tipu curate

This meme aged well.

Stop the FUD bro. Hive to the moon!

PS when Binance?

Nice "joke". Resteemed.

What is funny is the post from @steemchiller criticizing the recent freeze of funds of private users being censored and removed.... Good witnessing.

Having fun on an investor-freezing blockchain?

Having fun on a member-with-dissenting-opinion-centralized-punishing blockchain?

You mean on Steem?

Well it used to be a lot more fun before it was centralized. Luckily we have decentralized Hive which allows different opinions without censoring them or freezing accounts.

Is this what they call the dead cat bounce ?


That red bar seems to go down to hell @steemchiller 🤣

I appreciate your judgement that hive hundred percent clone blockchain and it successfully make the hype about the price but now in parallel way, we live steem and love steem.

And someday, the story will be reached out to people who living in the other side of the earth. :D

The real joke is those who think Steem will get better, that Justin Sun will come to his senses and this place will return to normal.

Being shitty to the end users who are not emotionally caught up in the middle is a bad decision for both sides.

I think I detect a type of snark

One of the rare few times I really enjoyed scrolling down that much on my browser.


@steemchiller I am really confused about your position on any of this. It would seem to me, based on your past statements that at this point you would want out of both Steem and Hive, being that they both are guilty of 'freezing funds' at this point.

When you look at the way Steem is being managed now, it looks like it's being operated by middle schoolers with kindergarden level comunication skills.

Look at the "100 Days of Steem" posts. They are almost completely incoherent, and remind me of the silly contests they run on that Steem clone 'Weku'.

You seemed to be standing up for your principals initially, but now Steem has done some things far worse yet you stick by them. How do you rationalize this? Dictating what people can and can't say on the blockchain, freezing the funds of whales, fully removing the entire blogs of various accounts. Using exchanges to vote for fake witnesses. Freezing the account of an exchange (@blocktrades), colluding with another exchange account to dump airdropped hive tokens to tank the price... How can you see a future in this; or better yet - why would you be a part of it?

Please consider bringing Steemworld over to Hive. I don't know you, but it feels like you got pissed off for not getting the airdrop immediately (although it's coming to you) and now you feel like you have to save face by continuing to be anti-Hive with posts such as this one. I think a lot of people would love to see you and your project over at Hive. Including myself!

Post about the accounts wrongfully affected by the Hive-Fork Exclusion List:

We want you back, @steemchiller.

PS: I was fully against such list including any account other than official Steemit ones, and only for freezing the assets temporarily until the great vulnerability regarding centralization is fixed. Nevertheless Hive still have the same vulnerability that allowed Sun Yuchen to centralize Steem.

@freiheit50 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@freiheit50 thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

ehmmm ... how about Ethereum?? :))) does that
count ??


Hello! First let me say I love Steem World, but who doesn’t. Anyhow we love Steem and are not going anywhere. Please be apart of our witness forum over in The Canna-Curate Discord. #steemon!

Welcome to Hive.

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