Lovely post !

Please stop useing my avatar in your comments or set a link to my blog. Thank you.

Asheville is cool mm I have been there several times

There hiding from the truth of their reality. nice post :)

Love - a Mysterious part of life. Quality post.
Do check out this

Hi from Japan! You are pretty. I follow you now!

Is this you ?

we dont meet people by accident. they are meant to cross our road for a reason. a memory or a lesson. its a matter of time only.

Remember that there are times (such as when you're being beaten and/or verbally bullied) that it's better to put some distance between you and the one who treats you badly. It doesn't help him when you enable his behavior, and it's not healthy for you, either -- not to mention that, if it's physical-abuse, it's downright dangerous and could end up sending you to the hospital or morgue.

Love you, or hate themselves?
Some people are addicted to the pain.

You are so beautiful

why do you have 40votes and zero dollar girl?

Great shot!

Before the foundations of the earth were set
He loved us,
His breath filled our lungs
He gave us life
No greater love was proved
He gave us His life
So we could be His
and He could be ours

I follow you and look forward to more of your post, I speak blessings over your life, Shalom, Brother Charlz

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