My Dear Sweet Universe

in #love3 years ago

Love a Brutal Creative Force
Yet a Warm Fiery Sparks
Emanates a Blue Pinkish Red Hue
Arps & Traditional Instruments decorate the Landscape
The Soundscape .. The Escape
Plucked Away
Praying in Spirals that
Keep the Juices
The Elixir
Of My Dear Sweet Universe
In Flow
Of Pineapple Shapes
Growing Immortally
Of it's ever Demanding
Masterful Piece
A Space
Where All Compliments
Are Strong
Dancing, Swirling in Unity

plan et.gif


If we want to learn about timing and rhythm then universe is perfect place.

It is indeed 👌

Hi maryam, hope everything fine in there and see u around soon,,, this place needs your good vibrations! Have a great week :)