Love (original poetry)[day #93]

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Love The living word never dies
Always viral in every soul
Love is identical to liking to a man to a woman
From there the love begins, he says
But this letter is magical
Want to always be discussed even though the country is in trouble
Want to always be written even if the country is critical
Because love does not belong to pengusa
Nor does it belong to the foreign cukong who always keeps the left elbow right elbow
To make a profit
Love belongs to the just kings
His heart is clear about his people
Love belongs to scientists who always write the truth about their knowledge
Love belongs to a loyal lover who is always proud of what is there with her partner
Yet many are selling love names to search for treasures
Many sell love names to hug women
Many sell the name of love for the sake of mere interest
But love is still not humiliated and will continue to be fragrant in the eyes of the knights
His sacred love will give all that he has
The false love he will give is limited to want
Blind love he will give limited likes
Love dies he can not do anything because of misjudging love

The average corruptors do not know love
He just wants to satisfy his life with the treasure
The average criminals do not know love
He just wants to satisfy his passions with what he likes
Watch your love so that no flavor
Ask God to give you the perfect love
And meaningful forever to close your eyes

By: Zulkarnen @zulacut
June 7, 2018

About love is never exhausted in the discussion of the poets, thanks @d-pend and steemitschool, this poem became my 93rd poem of 100 day challenge. Hopefully useful