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RE: Loyakk- Revolutionising Enterprise Relationships: Motivation, Mission, Method

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I like the idea of an enclosed ecosystem for business partners secured by blockchain, could be big if carried out properly. I just have 2 Questions

  1. will all the data sent in the platform be transparently on the blockchain?
  2. how do loyakk themselves make profit?

Great questions, @rashisonto!
Privacy will be a key feature when it comes to the transfer of data, but it's all about permissioned access. So it won't be clear what has been sent to outside parties who are not permissioned to access/ view the data.
Loyakk's business model for expansion/ revenue generation includes platform licensing to users and the usage of the platform's LYKK token for every interaction.
I'll be diving into these topics in more detail in a later segment also. Stay tuned!

Great, looking forward to more. Be interesting to see how they can balance transparency and privacy.