Charlie Lee Plan to push Litecoin (LTC) price to $400

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I feel awesome when I read news, Charlie Lee, founder of LTC, has revealed that he’s doing everything in his prowess to push the price of Litecoin (LTC) to $400, claiming that soon, the altcoin will reach a level far higher than the all-time price of $375.29 which later plunged by 50% in January 2017.

Mr. Charlie in a conversation on Twitter after some critics descended on his wall to complain on the state of the coin whose present price is $83, emphasized that the Litecoin Foundation’s mission is to advance Litecoin for the good of society, he claimed that the foundation has nothing to do with the price, enjoining anybody to create a foundation that can help increase the price of LTC.

You could read further in detail here.

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Nice work

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present price is $83,

If the current price $83 and he says he trying to push it to $400 after a dump from $375,well this sounds encouraging, but little unrealistic anyway, maybe his trying to encourage all LTC coin owners.
To me it will take a miracle to do what he has said. And hopefully it works but t will take a long time to grow even years

Nice post @techstack

Thanks for your opinion @ogt I personally believe in LTC. Yes correct it will take time to come at this level even other alt coins as well.

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Litecoin was actually the very first coin that I bought. I bought in at $80 and sold at around $360. Best investment ever.

I've been keeping an eye on it ever since, it is a great coin that has a lot of potential and shouldn't be sub $100 in my eyes.

I'd love to see the coin get pushed to $400, but I don't see any reason why it would go there today. I did hear that the Litecoin foundation purchased 10% of a bank, so I've been waiting to see the result of that. I suspect there may be something coming for the coin.

@mazzle thanks for your comment. Let’s wish something positive in coming days.

a lot of cryptos seem to be making a push

Yes now a days it’s kind of rollercoaster:)

Wow it was a good news for LTC holders.

Hi @techstack

Very optimistic this Charlie from LTC. Im not sure if people forgot that he dumped huge amount of LTC not ling time ago killing the price and putting off investors.

he’s doing everything in his prowess to push the price
I think you've made small typo mistake:

claiming that soon, the altcoin will reach a level far higher than the all-time price of $375.29

Do you personally believe in such a great future of LTC @techstack?

Currently LTC is priced around 80usd. Even if for some reason LTC would increase price by 100% comparing to BTC (not likely to happend) then it would still cost only 160usd. Which means that in order to reach his target BTC alone would also have to increase way over 100%.

I cannot see it happening. No matter how much I wish since Im myfself holding some LTC.

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You have mentioned some realistic facts which has valid reasons behind it. Thanks for your time and opinion. @crypto.piotr I believe in LTC from early days of its inception. There was a time I made good profits with it But at this point I believe $400 level is very unrealistic.

@techstack, you are interesting to read!

Well, I hope It is True.
Thanks for the Info.

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