Retrieving Lost Information | The Great Lucid Dreaming Re-Try

It has been a long time coming but NOW is the time to start being lucid in my dreams again. I feel I am on a crazy mission, a specific one - I need a piece of information. A piece of lost and forgotten information that I feel may still be accessible by circumventing the usual constraints of the daily awake human mind with all its limitations and blocked informational pathways.


And one of the methods I feel is most promising to recapture this important piece of data is retrieving it in another state of consciousness. The dream state!

There might be other ways which I have yet to make use of but the lucid dreaming state is just such an incredible tool I feel this wanting to retrieve said information is just a major setup for me to finally start dabbling with becoming lucid again.

In case you haven't read my series on the lucid dreaming topic: A few years ago when I heard that you could become aware about ythe fact that you are dreaming INSIDE and DURING your dream I wanted to prove its existence to myself. I just couldn't believe it... It seemed too promising and too good to be true... I followed all the advice I could gather and within a span of a few weeks I did in fact become lucid one night. What a blast! My oh my! I realized I was dreaming and decided to fly... and so I did.

The story ended shortly thereafter because on a following night in the lucid stet when I flew I somehow crashed, woke up with a crazy ringing sound in my ears that lasted for minutes and felt that something couldn't be quite right going about it like that. I felt unready to continue this pursuit and: I didn't have an actual need for that skill like I do today.

This is all a few years ago now and I feel the time is right (and the quest is relevant) to become lucid again on a regular basis, until I can either retrieve the information successfully or I can say I have exhausted the entirety of the lucid dreaming mechanism without any success.

As such I have started doing dream journals again, effectively writing down (or in my case voice-recording) my dreams right after waking up. Somehow this habit allows the lucid dreaming candidate to become lucid more easily, to be able to shift gears more readily and to be put in a position where one can recognize that one is inside a dream and hence can take control over it. Writing the deam journal is what did the trick for me last time and I am ready for a new round, a new chapter of lucidity.

If this thing works out it would be the most magnificent story ever (well, in the top 100 stories ever) and I really can't wait to share it with you all. But until that day when I wake up with the information I am looking for, having then tested and proved its actual validity I can merely do my best to catch the lucid state again and become proficient in it once more.

The mind... It's such a marvelous tool and so many things would change if this thing works out in the next few weeks. I am already seeing patterns in my dreams and becoming more aware of my surroundings and situation by the day.

If you wish for a great real-life story and read about all its mind-blowing details and ramifications: Wish me luck that this plan works out and that this article will merely become the prologue to a freakin' epic story of contemporary shamanism <3 <3 <3

The rest of the story will exclusively be posted on hive.


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