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in #lukki2 years ago (edited) exchange holds LEGEND distribution (as they declare). The total amount to be reset is $ 500,000 in tokens: MGT, SEOL and VIX. (Distribution will be in March)

  1. We register on the exchange and confirm the mail by clicking on the link in the letter

  2. We start the bot

  3. Next, click "Start"

  4. We join their telegram channel, return to the bot and click on the “next” button (you can’t leave the channel until the end of the distribution)

  5. We send the login to the bot that we entered during registration

  6. Next, you will write that you have successfully done everything and are participating in the airdrop.
    You can also click on "Balance" and make sure of it!
    Refer a friend to the Lukki Lending Program and instantly receive 12%, 8%, and 5% of the investments of your direct, second, and third lines referrals respectively.

How it works:

  • You send your referral link to a person interested in smart investing;
  • The person registers and deposits funds to Lukki Wallet;
  • Once a person buys Lukki Investment Package, you immediately receive a referral bonus directly to your Lukki Wallet and able either withdraw it or use it within the Lukki Platform.

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