The Lyfcoin-sustainable betting platform

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Hello everyone who decided to read this article. It will focus on the Lyfcoin project. It is a betting platform for all ERC20 tokens. Let's go directly to getting acquainted with the project.


In our time, technology is developing at a tremendous speed. The modern world is changing rapidly, there is an accelerated development. Every day there are new, improved gadgets, devices, and tools in various industries. Progress encompasses all aspects of our life - personal, economic, commercial, and so on. Against the background of all this, there is a dynamic promotion of digital assets. More and more people are becoming involved in cryptography technology. Understanding financial freedom and the many options associated with this new process for most people accelerate the formation of confidence in this structured world of finance.


Lyfcoin is a large-scale, international, and independent platform for trading and posting useful information about blockchain technology.
Lyfcoin is the improvement and rise of Fintech. The company combines useful skills, plus quality developments in the field of cryptography with advanced technologies, making the platform the foremost in this area of ​​the economy. The ecosystem includes an extensive database of information combined with a trading platform that can be applied to stock trading, online shopping, and many other functions. All this is backed up by smart contracts and project research, operating on the basis of a license. Provided for participation in the auction and is valid from 5 to 24 months. In the future, the plans of the project include the use of LYF as payment on various resources and online stores.


The mission of the company is to ensure that everyone can participate and use their potential. Provide the choice and benefits of using the platform, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that consulting services are provided to users and the ability to make fast, secure transactions through a decentralized peer-to-peer system.


The founders have many years of business experience. It is currently being marketed in a large network. A team of project experts selects potentially promising projects and provides users with a view to get profitable opportunities from their application.

Staking / Airdrops

Convenient Staking option, this is another option for making a profit and the distribution mechanism takes place using modern servers on the company's website. By linking the account with wallets, the member will be able to securely manage their portfolio and monitor trading in real-time. Various options are provided for the convenience of users. The percentage is paid for the fact that the participant keeps the coins during the selected tariff. This can be a daily, monthly, or one-time percentage, depending on the selected rate.


Lyfcoin Voting

There is a voting function on the platform. By supporting coins through voting, you are given the opportunity to earn. By voting every day, you will receive a proportional amount of coins from the total pool of tokens. The pool is currently one million dollars in LYF coins.
How does it work? The community of users chooses cryptocurrencies based on the voting tokens that are included in the list. That is, to use this option, you must have a verified account on the site. You can vote once during the day and the distribution will take place within two weeks.

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Lyfcoin Tokenomiks

Lyfcoin smart contract is based on ERC20. Pre-mined 12,000,000 coins. When buying or selling, a 3% commission is charged.

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I liked the development of the project, I feel that real professionals were engaged in this. The team brings together international e-commerce experts. Development safety and functionality comes first. A platform based on smart contracts and an advisory group. In my opinion, the platform deserves attention and respect. I do not impose it on anyone.


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Good project with a powerful team always delivers best. I see a team that is very reliable and experienced in managing this project.

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The platform represents the active promotion of digital assets. As well as high-quality developments in the field of cryptography. Many different options and an extensive database make the project useful for users.

I see a team that is very good and experienced in managing this project.

This is one of the few projects that has a profitable component for each participant and helps the development of the digital market)

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