24/7 Hustle - Lyrics by Another Poet

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Keep it on the 24/7 hustle.

If you're ready for the rumble, might just mingle with some trouble.

Don't get caught... Watch it all burst like a bubble...

Just keep it all in order so it don't look like a muddle.

Who knows which way to go and is this the right shuttle.

Supplement those activities and flex a bit of muscle put a bit of elbow grease in just to keep it on the level.

If you staying on the mission still lookin for a double or a triple said to me it looks so simple.

My love for hip hop has just been rekindled.

Disconnect from the world cause I'd rather be single.

Looking at me like a stranger so I guess its time to mingle.

Keep it fresh and crisp like a big bowl'a'pringles.

And your keepin' up with game so you must've learned the lingo.

Or ya stuck in Mexico nowhere to go like a sad gringo.

I'm just keeping it real like my name was Ringo crossing bars off like its a game of bingo.

Want to sing along? (I wrote this to the first track on the mix.)

Final Thoughts

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