North Macedonia, Wheat Straws, Deceased Vinyl - 11/28/18

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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.) is on the path to renaming their nation the Republic of Northern Macedonia. But why the change? Well aside from Prince, most people wouldn’t want to be referred to as “former” anything. Would the United States prefer the Former Colonies of the British Empire? Aside from such minor adjustments the name Macedonia is the primary issue. Unfortunately for the people of this nation,they do not possess the ancient region of Macedonia from whence they are named.The Macedonia in question derives from the Kingdom of Macedonia, a Greek state in the north of Greece, made powerful under Phillip II and famous under Alexander the Great, the man who conquered an empire. In fact, the province in Greece where the ancient ruins of Macedonia exist is called Macedonia. So why would F.Y.R.O.M. call itself Macedonia?

Deveci Tech aims to reinvent highways by thinking about how we use them. The goal is to generate wind energy from the cars, trucks and buses bustling across these major roads every day using turbines called ENLIL. The turbines aren’t the oversized versions you’ll find on hilltops though. They’ll be placed in the middle of roads and spin as fast as the vehicles driving alongside them. They can also spin from the everyday winds blowing across the road and have a solar panel placed on top to take advantage of the sunlight. A secondary use for the ENLIL is to be used as a sensor for humidity,temperature, wind, CO2 levels and for predicting earthquakes.

For most people vinyl records were a method to listen to music. I say were because the amount of active users have dwindled into a niche community, yearning for the pre-digital, pre-CD, pre-cassette days. Ownership could increase though in the future with a new take on vinyl records. The company And Vinyly offers to press records with the ashes of the deceased,giving the record more than a bit of sentimental value. Compared to the other methods I’ve seen involving mushrooms or spaceships this seems fairly tame but think of the possibilities! You can have them speaking, laughing,reciting literature, singing, playing an instrument, talking about their life,relaxing at parties, going to events or anything else you could possibly record. Custom tracks and artwork are available along with the option to press the remains of your pets. In a way, you’ll be able to listen to relatives a hundred years removed from yourself as if they were sitting next to you.