Macro Contest 2

in #macro4 years ago

Due to my rapidly growing followers community I decided to throw another Macro-Contest and to give away some SBD's to my loyal followers crowd.

This time it's gonna' be a bit HARDER 😱

I also distorted the Macro pic a bit to increase the challenge level 😎 but I'll give you a hint - it's something everybody have and shouldn't lose.


The Rules Are

Follow, Upvote & Resteem

Leave a comment with your answer (everybody get to have only ONE answer)

From all of those who guessed correctly, I will randomly pick 2 Lucky boys or girls and send them 3 SBD PRIZE each ♨️♨️♨️

When the post get 7 days old I will announce the lucky winners

So lets get started - try and guess WTF is that ⤵️



LG G6+ Cam and filters


I also believe this is a tip of a key!

Thanks for hosting this and good luck to all!

that is a key

Its a key.

gold key

A golden key!!

I think it's a key

that is a key

definitely a key. Good luck to everyone!

שיניים של מפתח

These are keys.... A close-up picture of the tip of a certain key.... Thank you!

It's a landing pad for ET craft on planet X...???

Upvoted followed and resteemed.

My answer : KEY

this image is the tip of the key

Follow me, upvote and reply to this comment if you want me to upvote and resteem your post to my 36,500+ followers.

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