Photography of macro lens | #186. Jumping spider.

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Hello all... !!!
Hopefully, in a healthy and happy state, wherever you are. On this occasion I will again share some pictures about jumping spiders. Hope you guys like it.

This spider I found walking between wild grasses, surely it was one of the ways they did surveillance of prey. They are small but very agile in jumping.


To be honest, I really admire these little creatures and never get bored to observe the trip and take their pictures even if only using a smartphone camera and adding a macro lens. Hopefully you can also enjoy the amazing life of this little spider.


Camera smartphone xiaomi redmi note 4x + macro lens.

Only this is what I can share on this occasion, hopefully you can enjoy it.

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woow,,,laba-laba yang hebat kawan,macrophotography yang sungguh luar biasa @rizasukma

This is just with a smartphone and macro attachment?!? Makes me feel a bit silly! I just uploaded my first post about macro photography yesterday, check it out and let me know what you think. I'd love to know, any techniques to finding these little buggers I'd love to photography them in addition to whatever other creatures I'm finding.

The photos in your blog are amazing! Is this your author's content? If so, then you can grow up very quickly here! But you need to make an introductory post and convince the community that you are a real character. Write who you are, make personal photos with your nickname and using the tag introduceyourself For example Screenshot_20180905-220911.jpg

Ooomaa... Cukop groun laba-laba nyan hai bang @rizasukma eeuhh..??

Thanks for your upvote

Nice shot!

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Where you got to my friend?

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