Microgreens test day4

in #macrogreens3 years ago

at the end of day four garden cress reached the hight that I can't keep them covered anymore, from tomorrow I'll put a grow light on top of them.
here's the report when they have sprouted:
inside tray:

Parsleyonion* - day 4dillsavoryWelsh onion - day 4leek - Day 2savory
Flixweed* - Day 3lettuce* - Day 2radish* - Day 2spinach*fenugreek - Day 2garden cress - Day 2radish -Day 2
Alfalfa - Day 2peas - day 4basil*celerybasil - day 4violet basil - Day 3clover

the outside tray finally shown some signs of life.
outside tray:

Parsleyonion*dillsavoryWelsh onionleeksavory
Flixweed*lettuce*radish*spinach*fenugreekgarden cress - Day 4radish
Alfalfapeasbasil*celerybasilviolet basilclover


it seems that they need temperature above 20 degrees centigrade to germinate. at least it's the temperature of my room.

the peas started moving:

here's the Flixweed I forgot to capture yesterday:

the fuzzies and twisties as a bonus:


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