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Hello to all photography lovers!

As you know, I love photography and contests ^^ Almost every day I propose a speed-game and you are every time more to join us =). After the success of my first MACRO-PHOTO CONTEST, I decided to make a second one.

The 2nd 🐜 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE 🐜 will open tonight my Steemians friends!!!

I'm waiting for your entries =D!!! I can't wait!!!! 😄😄😄


What is exactly Macro-photography?

Macro photography, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.


In my last contest again, there were dishonest participants who used pictures of other people. I don't tolerate this kind of behavior! The philosophy of this platform is based on quality and authenticity, not copy. That's why I have to put in place strict rules to avoid cheating. I let you discover the rules of this contest my Steemians friends.

It starts TODAY at 0:01! 50 SBD TO WIN!


1st place: 30 SBD

2nd place: 10 SBD

3rd place: 5 SBD

4th place: 5 SBD

The 8 RULES are simple:

To be considered for the contest,

➊ Your photography must be YOUR OWN WORK and must be accompanied by a PROOF. It can be:

  • A 2nd photography with a paper with "My entry for the MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST #2 by @flamingirl" IN FRONT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY. Not only a paper because it does not prove anything. Thank you ^^.

Example by @boddhisattva:

  • The original version of your unedited photo

Example by @marjanko:

  • The photo of your camera with the image on the screen

Example by @arisinho:

This second photo does not count for the contest but it is the proof that the first one is an original photo. This avoids any attempt at plagiarism that is not tolerated on this platform
Any attempt at plagiarism will be reported to the @steemcleaners

➋ Your photography must be accompanied by an explanation of at least 50 words (in English, French or Spanish)

➌ Your entry must be published on your personal Steemit account with the title "My entry for the 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #2 by @flamingirl"

➍ Your photography blog must be posted before 0:00 of the day Time zone in Spain to be valid. After midnight, it will be part of the next selections day. Each user has 1 entry per day that will be valid for the challenge.

The contest start tomorrow: Tuesday, September 4.

Calendar for the 7 days:

1st photo: Tuesday, September 4
2nd: Wednesday, September 5
3rd: Thursday, September 6
4th: Friday, September 7
5th: Saturday, September 8
6th: Sunday, September 9
7th: Monday, September 10

Winner Announcement: Tuesday, September 11.

➎ You need to be my follower and UPVOTE 100% this post =)

➏ You must use the "#macrophoto-challenge" tag in your article. So I can find your entry easily otherwise it is lost among all the blogs posted on Steemit.

➐ You must RESTEEM the first blog of this contest: [50 SBD TO WIN] / 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 2 .

➑ You must have fun! =D



• I will choose the 5 best entries of the day and select an absolute winner of each day. I will write a post the next day with the 5 entries selected. I will upvote the winner of the day 100% and he will be automatically selected to participate in the final to win the 30 SBD. I will also upvote the other 4 entries at 25% each with an honorable mention.

• It's possible to join the contest at any time.

• The contest winner will receive the prize, directly from me in his wallet with a personal message =)

• By entering this contest you authorize me to use your photos and accompanying text only in the related posts of the contest. In case of problems with the image rights, you are responsible for what you publish on Steemit.

You can vote to support the participants. Your votes and your comments will help me to choose the winners! ;)

If you like photography and portrait, feel free to participate, even if you are novice ^^. Here we go!

Good Luck to everyone who enters and let's have some fun!!!!!!


If you liked reading this article, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always appreciated =D. Thank you all for your support and see you soon for a new flamingirl's adventures!


Thanks @flamingirl for this great contest!
I resteem and upvoted 100%
It's my entry for DAY #3:


Thanks @flamingirl for this great contest!
I resteem and upvoted 100%
It's my entry for DAY #4:



Thanks @flamingirl for this great contest!
I resteem and upvoted 100%
Here is my entry for the last day of the challenge :)


Thanks @flamingirl for this great contest!
I resteem and upvoted 100%
It's my entry for DAY #4:



Nice to hear this news 😂, I will look for small insects now 😂



You're such a funny person... Lol


Very nice comp ... catching up here as i've been away for a few days

Thanks for this awesome contest..

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😍😍😍😍This is the contest that I am waiting for in Steemit ... I am not an expert in macrophotography, I only work hard for macrophotography with a hobby, if you don't mind please visit my page there are some pictures of macrophotography and original work my video macrophotography.

I'm waiting to see your entry my friend =D

I am a novice not only to photography, but also steemit. I think I will try this, not sure I can make it everyday, but I will definitely do my best. I appreciate the opportunity to participate.

Thank you for your interest! I can not wait to see your photos =D

Aka work... I love photography , but following the rules I can't contest. I'll just keep on with my hobby... sky-shooting lolIMG_20180806_183133.jpg

Nice pic... Awesome . beautiful..

Hi @flamingirl,i used to do photography but I got a little busy and I look forward to the enjoying this contest.

Hi @flamingirl,i used to do photography but I got a little busy and I look forward to the enjoying this contest.

I can't wait to see your work =D

Hi friend @flamingirl. am almost new in steemit. I wanna participate in your contest. so I need help about this.

Everything is explained in detail in the 8 rules. Just read this article carefully and you will have all the answers. You can also look at examples of other blogs from participants to see how they are doing =)

Sorry if this is off-topic, but how do I upvote someone 100% or 50% or whatever number? Thank you!

When you click on the green arrow to vote, you can choose the voting power. =)

Screenshot from 2018-09-04 21-50-31.png

I researched this a bit and I realized I still don't have enough SP to have that bar, but I found a way to install it. :D Thank you for your response! :)

Insect hunt on the move......
Can other things be presented apart from insects??

Of course! Objects, plants, fruits ... All that is in macro format =D

Hi @flamingirl. I just stumbled over this contest now. Please can I post my entry for day one and two tomorrow? As it's already late/dark in my country (6:37pm) and won't be able to get clear pictures please?

I will post the winner of day 1 in a few hours so I only record the entries of today sorry... But you will still have 6 days to participate with 6 different photos so no worries =) I can not wait to see your work!

Excited to participate :)
Thanks to @flamingirl for the awesome theme and All the best of everyone

Nice contest,it is the great chance for us

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OMG! Its back once again.. i hadnt joined your 1st challenge on macrophotography, hoping to join this time.. im excited to get out and start shooting! 😍

Awesome @flamingirl!

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I can't wait to see your work my dear @maquemali !!! <3

It is a great Inspiration for Photographer. Your Thinking is good. I am also Interested on your Photo Contest, But I have no Camera. Can I Do From My Android Phone? Please Reply.

Yes of course you can. I just need a proof that the photos are your property

Hey @flaming I really appreciate the contests you are running. I am Shubhendra, co-founder of 1ramp.io

We are working to add contest feature in our App. Would love your feedback on the feature prototype. Let's connect: kindly contact me on [email protected] or share your contact detail. I will reach out to you.

when will the second portrait photo contest pop up?? Waiting for it.

that's outstanding @flamingirl you are doing very good,
this will motivate us

This will motivate me too =D

This is really great. I think i must participate on this

Nice! I'm waiting for your entry my friend =D

Unfortunately, I've learned about your contest too late. Well, maybe, one more will be announced later. Thank you for the excellent initiative!

There are still 2 days to participate so 2 entries if you want. Yes, there will be others later =)

Great contest

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Here we go.... ❤️❤️

¿Hola amiga como estás? sabes que el fin de semana fui a un lugar y tome fotos de algunas flores pequeñas y unas frutas. No sabía del concurso. Puedo colocar esa foto?
¿El usuario debe participar todos los días? ¿basta con un solo día?

Puedes participar cada día (7 días a partir de ahora). Y puedes colocar la foto si tienes algún tipo de prueba que es la tuya 😊

Here I leave my ticket for this day, I hope you like it. Regards @flamingirl
Perfect camouflage

@sallybeth23 was also competition with you, insite of the eye was looking amazing...