My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE by @flamingirl:

My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE by @flamingirl:

I found this grasshopper in my garden at my house in Pretoria, South Africa. This fellow seamed real friendly, just look at that beautiful smile, although I think he is in need of a bit of teeth whitening toothpaste - LOL. He also looks as if he can do with a shave!! Below you can see how he looks in a full length photo!!
After a while he got fed-up with me harassing him and he took of, just look at those interesting wings and color!!

I hope you liked the photos as much as I did taking them.

All photos were taken by my with my iPhone at my home, in Pretoria, South-Africa.


Wow that's amazing photography of Grass hopper! I never see that much of colored creatures before!


Cute face but my fav photo is really the one with the colorful wings! Really impressed with it's wings.

Yes, the wings are beautiful, but the contest is for macro photography. Here is another photo of the wings. IMG_5976.jpg

Wow another wonderful pic! I really didn't know they have such a beautiful wings, really impressed with the color pattern.

Great photography on grasshopper, clear shot.

really very wonderfull macrophoto-challenge. you showing today in your blog.really appreciating..i like your high thought quality knowledge skills.this is a very excellent shots photography..thank you sharing with dear friend.. @rynow. you support my work its really very good news for me.i hope that you everyday support my work and giving alots of encourage my own steemit work are really very great and obviously very talented your memory..very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great wor

Nice smiling insects ....the beauty is captured in photography!

Great photography dear.

Excellent entry that is by you so nice and superb to see that :)

grass hopper is looking beautiful, you captured perfectly.

Very nice photohraphy @rynow....
May God bless you..

oh it turns out that it's a grasshopper's face ... 😀😀😀

Thanks @rynow
have a great day

Amazing macro challenging photography
Thanks for share

Wonderful mocro photography and very nice nature " thanks for share this post

That's really great,,,thanks for sharing

Marvellous macrophotography challenge sir @rynow.The grasshopper looks stunning.. I cnt resist myself from being appreciate ur photography.
Thnxx sir. ☺

Thank you so much for the nice comment.

interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

Very nice clicked and awesome macro photography

Thank you.


beautiful photo mate.

Beautiful entry.... just awesome...

very good shots ... thanks for sharing.

wow really nice post..

Wonderfully captured, best of luck.

Nice content.
Very well articulated.
Great work

Amazing dear @rynow

Seeing your photo, I'm not sure what to say. I'm just surprised to see it. Your photography really is so beautiful that my mind is jumping. Thanks for sharing the opportunity

Thank you for the nice comment.

@rynow, Wow...extremely brilliant macro photo captures. So lovely to mine.

Hello how are you? wow, really beautiful, she just posed for you, luck in the contest


Wonderful and beautiful photography
.thanks for sharing.


it's a great theme ..great to share.

its really great......i impressed to see your post.

you are fantastic photographer sir.

Thank you.

Nice click

I am amazed to see what extraordinary craft he has done with photography.
You have naturally highlighted some of the small things that have no comparison. Thank you very much for sharing our views.

very beautiful photography.

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Great animal and natural photography! Really you make awesome photo shot.

vivid photography!

Wow photo so real... I could detail it better here than in person.

its yellow smile is captivating. hahahah

OMG! That is a real winner up close and personal!! I love the details!

Wonderful photo click @rynow...
Perfect entry..

amazing photos @rynow.lovely.

Excellent entry that is by you so nice and superb to see that :)

Hey, @rynow your photo shot is simply amazing...

So fascinating photography @rynow.

Excellent MACRO photography. Beautiful Grasshopper

Awesome photography dear.

Wonderfully captured, best of luck.

your entry is fantastic, keep it up.

your entry is fantastic, keep it up.

Amazing dear @rynow

best wishes for the contests , upvoted

I found the first image quite interesting.

Great captured as macro- photography!

really wonderful photography.

Absolutely most amazing micro photography @rynow.

Wow so beautiful photography

1 (2).jpg

So beautiful photography

Amazing photography
For your post propagation.

wow! what an awesome photography sir @rynow.

Amazing photography

😱😱😱😱 waw love the last photo 😍😍😍
What a color ❤️

The color of its wings is beautiful.

Yes these pictures are really fun to watch and yes it's reflecting as deep smile by this grasshopper and in my opinion this creature is happy to meet you that's why it's reflecting so much huge smile ha ha. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Wow that is very beautiful photography
Thanks @rynow
have a great day

@rynow, Woot woot superior and magical macro photography this time also.


Beautifull Shots

Supper fantastic photography

i love your natural photography.

Lack of focus 😕 but dont give up🤘

I actually think the focus is quite good!!

wow really nice post..

One of the most beautiful

Wow Excellent photography
Thanks @rynow
100% like and resteem

Hahaha! whitening toothpaste....btw... amazing photos sir @rynow.

Thank you very much

you are a great photographer,

fabulous one.

Great work @rynow thanks a lot for sharing.

Really amazing photography.

I'm impressed

this is rear in my region

That’s such an interesting perspective.

Awesome contest thanks a lot for sharing.

Awesome contests thanks a lot for sharing dear.

Very closely took gorgeous macro photo shots. Amazing skill using.

Thank you very much.

Excellent photography .

@rynow - Sir it's a beautiful macro photography... Nice you decided to share it Sir...


this is very beautiful photography! Life is with different colors

Thanks @rynow
Have a great day

After watching your photography I never walk on them

Great photo... Good photos, friend!

Amazing picture of grasshopper. I like it. Just lovely. We used to play with grass hopper when we were young. Thanks for sharing @rynow

Thank you for the nice comment.

Ultimate photography @rynow and I can not ask for anything better than this.

Thank you.

Thank you for the very nice comment.

Thanks a lot for sharing awesome contest have a great day.

You are welcome.

Awesome contest thanks a lot for sharing.

Awesome contest thanks a lot for sharing.

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