Macrophotography cengkrik serangga orthoptera.


We call the name of this insect a jangkrik that is one of the insect of orthoptera orders and tonight I took some macro photography images of these insects by using by a smartphone camera macro lenses and artificial light.


On the head this insect, see there are two antennas that exceed the length from a his body size and in the tail section of this insect also has two short-sized antennas.


In shooting this picture I only use makeshift equipment and all of these images are the results of the smartphone's macrophotography.


Thank you for visiting my macrophotography page today one lens for all works @Deltasteem.

Camera smartphone xiomi note 4 + Lensa Macro 45mm nikon L810 modified for smartphones.

Shooting speed
1/50sec. f/2.0 3.57mm
ISO Settings 200
Using the Snapseed application.



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Great shots of the cricket my friend! Blessings!

And again such fabulous shots so well done

You shone a flashlight at him? Good model, did not run away. :)
Great photos.

Thanks @eto-ka :) That's right ... but the first time I highligh ted the lights this insect ran and I keep following it.

That is your good work for fauna flora capturing. Oya bang, tolong singgah ke saya tuk sumbang demi masjid kami. ditunggu ya

Thanks @greensioux ;) saya akan datang

Jangkrik bos..haha

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Hehe ia bg @midun,,untk sebuah gambar apa yang saya dapat saya sikat.hehe

awesome macro photography of cengkrik serangga orthoptera...