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Model NIKON D80
Shutter Speed 1/200 s
F-Number f/22
Exposure Bias Value 0.00 eV
Metering Mode Spot
Flash Auto, Fired, Return detected
Focal Length 60 mm
Lens Model 60 mm f/2.8
White Balance Details Auto
Date/Time Original 9/6/2015 7:28:41 AM





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Great details! How are you using the flash? Handheld or on camera somehow?

@mweich Thanks. i used sb-800 on dslr. for smaller insects i used a DIY pringle flash bouncer that is attached to the sb-800.

Just googled DIY Pringles flash bouncer, looks like I've got a project to do! Thanks for the tip.

@mweich Yes, do try it. one disadvantage is that it will spooke the insects too.
i did check some of your macro shoots :) i did noticed you might be using F8 and below?
with that DIY u can try f13 to f18 and get a better DOF. you can also try 1/250s and 1/200.
if i want to do photo stacking that's the time i used f8 or even f5.6.
This is the DIY pringle i used

Yeah, sometimes the f stop is quite low, I try to compensate for low light without boosting the ISO too much, downside is very very narrow DOF.

I've used flash for some things, mostly off camera, sometimes hand held, it can get awkward. But when!

In any case, I'll pick up a tube of chips tomorrow. Thanks for the DIY link too!

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