Don't touch it ! - Caterpillars

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Hi Macro Lover ! Caterpillars are indeed one of the most annoying animals. Because if our skin comes into contact with them. Then the poisons contained in their sharp feathers will enter the skin and spread to our body causing itching.

Ulat memang salah satu hewan yang paling menjengkelkan. Karena jika kulit kita bersentuhan dengan mereka. Maka racun yang terkandung dalam bulu tajam mereka akan masuk ke kulit dan menyebar ke tubuh kita sehingga menyebabkan gatal-gatal.

Take care of your hands when shooting so that you don't touch it !

Camera Smartphone MI4 + Macro Device
Camera Smartphone MI4 + Macro Device

Toxins are a self-defense mechanism from caterpillars so that if they are attacked by predators, their poisonous feathers can help them defend themselves.

Racun merupakan bentuk pertahanan dari ulat bulu ketika ia diserang oleh predator, bulu-bulunya yang beracun itu dapat membantu mereka dalam pertahanan diri.

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Menyoe kenong teuh gatai peudeh walaupun tari lagee darawoeimon

Bek cukeh cukeh @radjasalman, saleum keu @kingfaisal (klan Arab Saudi) :D

Sep bereh laju

hahaha gatai meunan

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