Macrophotography - Finding Beautiful Things to Photograph


I like to walk around the yard with my camera (actually it's my smartphone camera) and grab photos of anything that catches my eye. Sometimes I'm lucky and I remember to take my clip-on macro lens with me. My favorite things to photograph are apparently flowers. With something new blooming almost all the time, it's hard to not want to share everything with you guys. Here are some things I snapped with my macro lens attached. Hope you enjoy!


lost the tag...

Hollyhock bud


Hollyhock buds

Columbine seeds

Prickly Pear Cactus

Mountain mint

The center of a rose campion

The tiny flower of Venus' Looking-Glass

A little beetle friend on another plant I lost the tag for

So that's about it! I took these photos almost 10 days ago. You would be surprised at how much has already changed!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this up-close look at some of the things that are growing. Come again soon!

Banner 5.jpg



Wow, those are some interesting photos!

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love this view of the up close shots. thanks! enjoyed your post :)

Thanks for your comment! How are you guys doing with the heat? Have you melted yet?

There's that red hollyhock again!

Love your beetle....

Thank you! Would you like some seeds when fall comes? There will be way more than I could possibly need!

Yes, please! They would sure add a bright spot to my garden.

Really nice photos @hether240. Wish we could grow those down here, but it’s too hot for everything but the viola. 🐓🐓