the poor dragonfly

Video 1 Original by @sultan-aceh

Video 2 Original by @sultan-aceh

Hallo Steemians
This morning, you will show me the phenomenon of spider and dragonfly life, in my blog post.


you can see only the images of dragonflies and spiders, to short stories in their lives, but, other phenomena of the lives of these two types of animals, in survival, so much different, they hunt each other for survival, and who is fast and they are the ones who win, that's what they experience in their lives, fight and prey on each other, not a strange thing, but that's what happens, in this post I'll show you, a dragonfly caught in a net of black spiders, the black spider, has preyed on a dragonfly, using a cobweb, which is soft as silk, but has a very strong quality.

Spiders include very many species, let alone their size, which I show, only the usual size, living among dried trees, the spiders as seen in pictures and videos, dragonflies have sucked, the contents of all the fluid in the dragonflies, because the spider does not have a mouth, but only has a tool, a liquid sucker, to feed on this dragonfly.

Spider's complete information, see here :

In the life of a dragonfly, it is also very much different, the dragonfly you see, whereas its life, it must always be close to the water, for example the river and lake, maybe because my area, the rain, then this type, very like to be, puddles, with wings that are wide, able to fly, wherever they are, their direction and purpose, but their life, always be, the prey of the spider.

dragonfly Spider's complete information, see here :

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

Image of dragonfly caught in a cobweb

that's my little story short, while getting, the pictures and the video, finally, the dragonfly has been trapped, in the spider web, the condition of the dragonfly is also very apprehensive, with body, has beens cut and dry.

A tip for the Steemians.
Be careful when going to a small or big forest, to avoid, things we do not want, like bites, insects, spiders, snakes, do not forget, drugs, potions, for your early prevention there, do not forget, look at the video, so you can see it.

Me too, say thank you very much, to Steemians, have read and seen my blog

I end with a word

Regards from me @sultan-aceh

More information butterfly, see here :

CameraCannon 1300D
LensEF-S 18-55mm
LocationForest Aceh


Hi @sultan-aceh

Incredible pictures of spider and dragonfly.

And gives us a detailed description of how this happens

Thank you for sharing it with us

thank so much @xpilar
du come here again

thank ok

aw, that's the sad part about nature
it may be so beautiful but it could also be so cruel
I wanted to say, free it but the eight legged monster must have already stuck his fangs on it sighs

Hi @englishtchrivy

really what you say
very sad, but that's their life
hunting each other

This ia a very captivating photo! Incredible! A storyteller photo!

poor dragonfly, this is life in the wild to hold on, thank you for sharing something very beautiful @sultan-aceh
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thank so much @kimki

I loved how you made this post, in addition to the excellent photographs this very well complemented with your text. It is amazing how nature interacts and how there is this constant battle to survive. You can be an excellent predator but you can still be eaten. Nature shows you that no matter how big or strong you are, someday there may be someone with a smaller size who is more intelligent than you. Excellent post, greetings.

hi @sultan-aceh
apakabar nya anda, postingan ini membuat saya iri, soal a sangat indah dan hasilnya pun sangat tajam

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