Happy birthday Madonna!

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Dear friends

today is Madonna birthday and i would like to share this song to wish her happy birthday in this very difficult year.

Everyone know she got coronavirus and luckly she won the battle again this invisible beast, so with her 62 years old she keep strong and more or less, everyone life is connected with one of her songs.

I would like to share with all my american brothers this song:

I know how much you are suffering this time but i am sure you all will win this battle and you will be again our worldwide freedom defenders.

Happy birthday Madonna and all my wishes for your country people be strong like you and come out from this dark soon


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Belated happy birthday to Madonna

I didn't know her birthday passed. She had some real creative spirit especially in her older work. She did my favorite Bond song. It was also the second most expensive music video ever:

I see you made your post in hive.blog too but I think is a time loose there, none will read your post, it-s a pity how it was Steemit and how it is now hive+steemit not even half of what it was...:(

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Even to late but happy birthday our Diva, Really love her song when i was child!