Crypto Contest November 9: MaidSafeCoin

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MaidSafeCoin (MAIDUSD) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the daily chart.


(Chart courtesy of

Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, MaidSafeCoin began a wave one advance in November 2015. The red wave one finished in February 2016, and the red wave two correction ended in May 2016. The red wave three (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) advance finished on September 2 this year, and the red wave four correction ended on November 2. If this wave count is correct, MaidSafeCoin should be heading next towards the September 2 peak in the red wave five.


(Chart courtesy of

Zooming in the four-hour chart, I believe MaidSafeCoin is currently in the red wave three (blue sub-wave v). The red wave one began on November 2.


(Chart courtesy of


MaidSafe = MAID(Massive Array of Internet Disks) + SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) network.

Here is an introduction to the SAFE Network.



If you think this analysis is correct, upvote this post and upvote the comment "MaidSafeCoin will takeout the September 2 peak".

If you think this analysis is wrong, upvote this post and upvote the comment "MaidSafeCoin will drop below the November 2 low".

If you think MaidSafeCoin is in a range, upvote this post and upvote the comment "MaidSafeCoin will stay in a trading range between the November 2 low and the September 2 peak until December 10".

You can upvote the comment until 3 PM EST November 10 and you can upvote only one comment. 50% of SBD from this post will be distributed equally to the winners. The winners will be determined by the price action (which one happens first).


MaidSafeCoin will takeout the September 2 peak (25 voters as of 3 PM EST November 10: bleujay, bentleycapital, lydon.sipe, eirik, simonjay, reconnectnature, catena, toofasteddie, abh12345, mprgrmmr, heroic15397, komischername, anetchen, digitalking, mihail.tsvetkov, cassidyandfranks, me-do, carlosdaniel, allmonitors, elisablogs, amfid4846, kanoe, wallsnow, heidelbaer, arpepa).

No doubt :-)

when would be your deadline for that be true instead of range?

December 10 is the deadline.

so it's like always one month and a day more?


MaidSafeCoin will stay in a trading range between the November 2 low and the September 2 peak until December 10 (25 voters as of 3 PM EST November 10: soundmoney, twinner, flemingfarm, me-tarzan, lucasgabd, misalen, starline, crokkon, tzap90, osmanbugra, incrediblesnow, mirda, coolthings, ahinga, criptorafa, richard78624, ragnaros, yefet, andy23, napkin, bluewinter, barcalogia, freskil, abay, koskl).

MaidSafeCoin will drop below the November 2 low (7 voters as of 3 PM EST November 10: gregory-f, dlina-v-metrah, lasper, jznsamuel, gunsmithing, sweethoney, gergi6a).

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Commented on your blog.

Can really see a lot about maidsafe in the charts - it's steadily growing and appears to be worth looking into. Thanks!

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