Special Edition: MakeMeSmile Season 2 Episode 15/ 特别版: MakeMeSmile 第二季第十五集

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WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

Thank you @tattoodjay for the collaboration! WednesdayWalk and MakeMeSmile are two challenges that have similar intention and that is to bring FUN and SMILE to the Steemiverse!

If you are not familiar with WednesdayWalk, check out the walks HERE!

This Special Edition is all about WALK and SMILE. Take photos of your WALK and share with us.

Here's my WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile today. I have walked and hunted down my yummy yummilicious lunch. I enjoyed an awesome yummilicious ME time this afternoon.

Midam Korean BBQ is where I have my lunch.

OK, that's what MakeMeSmile a lot. The WednesdayWalk photos are here. I take photos of my walk back... 😆😃

Cars everywhere. And look at the sky. Getting darker. Yup. It actually rains heavily after I reach office half and hour later.

Keep walking. Yup... My office is all the way down the aisle.

Seafood... One of the restaurant nearby my office.

Awesome walk and afternoon I have today. Let's share yours with me and @tattoodjay! The challenge will have at least 3 lucky winners who will receive ONE SBI.


如果你不熟悉WednesdayWalk可以到这里 看看。



最后给大家讲一讲参与活动有可能得到的奖品。SBI! 是的,有几个幸运儿呢?至少有三个。所以快快把你的帖送上来吧!


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Nice tasty food and walking view.


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哈哈 熟悉的大城堡呢!

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Ooooo.... looked so yummy! Interesting walk article. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for dropping by

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That lunch looks so goo and a nice walk, walking always relaxes me and makes me smile :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yea... The lunch is yummy indeed... Looking at the photos makes me hungry again... Haha... Need my breakfast now... Or maybe brunch later... Yup... Walking is kinda therapeutic...

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It surely is for me, I could happily go on long walks every day, and with a lunch like that it would fuel me for more walking ;)

Walk for food... And after food, walk again...

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Yum. Your lunch looked amazing. Big fan of Korean food here:)

Cool! There's quite a lot of good food in my office area... I am a big fan of the Korean BBQ...

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There is a place all you can eat near my house. I shall steem my next visit:):):)

Oh! Do tag me if you are steeming that... 😋😋😋

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