Introducing my 3d CAD Robot MascotsteemCreated with Sketch.

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Here he is!

I showed the design forming previously. This was designed in Onshape, tweaked for printing in Tinkercad, then printed over night on the Ultimaker 3.

Still in beta because i need to build in features as part of the design to help people print without supports, at lower resolution (see the teeth?).

Eventually he will be moving, so design elements will be required for articulation too :)


This guy looks friendly :)

I just got back into 3D design, so I'm checking out the #printing3d tag to see who else is 3d printing and designing (is there a design3d tag too, or is it not a popular tag option?).

I'll definitely follow you to see what else you come up with :)

I'm participating in the Vectary X-Mas Ornament competition, and seeing if I can "cheat" by using an ornament creation tool and a custom design pattern over at ShapeWays to make the Ornament, then import into Vectary's tool to modify it a bit.

I find those competitions good fuel for imagination, given the imposed constraints and themes.

Yeah there should be a design3d tag for sure :) Good luck in the competition :)

Thanks !

I've begun using #design3d for my own 3D printable design posts, now, and I see you do it too !

All hail Design3d :)

We’re making it a thing! 😂