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RE: Introducing my 3d CAD Robot Mascot

in #making4 years ago

This guy looks friendly :)

I just got back into 3D design, so I'm checking out the #printing3d tag to see who else is 3d printing and designing (is there a design3d tag too, or is it not a popular tag option?).

I'll definitely follow you to see what else you come up with :)

I'm participating in the Vectary X-Mas Ornament competition, and seeing if I can "cheat" by using an ornament creation tool and a custom design pattern over at ShapeWays to make the Ornament, then import into Vectary's tool to modify it a bit.

I find those competitions good fuel for imagination, given the imposed constraints and themes.


Yeah there should be a design3d tag for sure :) Good luck in the competition :)

Thanks !

I've begun using #design3d for my own 3D printable design posts, now, and I see you do it too !

All hail Design3d :)

We’re making it a thing! 😂