Seven Tips to Manage Panic When Panic Attacks

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The feeling is not a pleasant one. Between the sweating, the heart racing and the trouble breathing, it certainly feels as though death is beckoning. A panic attack can make a sound, healthy adult feel like jelly. When a panic attack hits, one desperately needs immediate relief. Therefore, the first time it happens, the person suffering the attack often goes to the ER or the doctor's office. Once a doctor has ruled out life threatening conditions, he or she may suggest that you suffer from panic disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder. Now is the time to figure out what to do to stop the panic attacks.

In order to stop panic attacks, one must take action in two ways. First, it is necessary to treat the underlying anxiety that is contributing to the attacks. This will treat the panic attacks in time.

However, until that happens, you need to know how to manage those panic attacks. Even though they seem very dramatic, there are several simple things that you can do to make a huge difference in the frequency and severity of the attacks.

  1. Call 911

The symptoms of an anxiety attack are very similar to several serious medical conditions. Symptoms like difficulty breathing, heart palpitations (racing heart), sweating and dizziness present with heart attacks, insulin reactions or thyroid conditions. Whenever in doubt call 911, and let a medical professional make that decision.

Your doctor will help you in two ways. First, he or she will treat any medical conditions discovered. Second, medical treatment gives you peace of mind, allowing you to effectively treat the anxiety associated with a panic attack.

  1. Focus on your breathing

One common symptom of a panic attack is rapid and shallow breathing. When this happens, make a deliberate attempt to take deep and slower breaths. Inhale deeply through your nose and count to two. Exhale through your mouth and count to four. Repeat this process several times and you will find yourself feeling much calmer.

  1. Get Moving

We often hear people, especially medical professionals talking about exercise. Exercise carries great value for both the body and the mind. It releases endorphins, which keep the mind in a state that is not likely to provoke a panic attack.

Your doctor may suggest appropriate exercises for you. Engage in exercise that you enjoy. Some may enjoy running or aerobics. Others, who may suffer from mobility issues, may find a good alternative in swimming.

  1. Occupy the mind with creative pursuits

Some people say "just get busy." That advice does not go far enough. Those who suffer panic attacks often have extremely creative minds. If a creative mind is not challenged positively, it will challenge itself negatively. Instead of engaging in a lot of busy work, look toward your dreams, and allow the creativity to flow. It will.

  1. Use caffeine in moderation.

Caffeine exacerbates anxiety. Caffeine can cause symptoms up to twelve hours after ingested. However, sudden elimination of it may cause withdrawal symptoms. The body does not like sudden changes. Reduce your intake gradually and see how you feel.

  1. Exercise caution with chemical substances

The most obvious treatment for a panic attack is a drink or a pill. Resist this urge as much as possible. Chemical substances can cause dependence with long-term use. Once dependent, the user needs more of it to receive the desired effect. Pills, despite being prescribed by a doctor, are just as dangerous as alcohol. Both pills and alcohol can result in dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Avoid both if possible, but if you are already dependent and want to quit, seek professional help to keep you stable during the process.

  1. Treat the anxiety

Treat it right. Pills do not effectively treat anxiety indefinitely. Anti anxiety medications only treat symptoms. The best option is to engage in treatment that allows you to redirect your thought processes more efficiently.

Treatment of these conditions is very effective. Relief can come with some determination and commitment to an effective treatment plan.

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