Updates in Current Manga and Anime #16

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And the time has come yet again for updating! Yes, it is Monday again! :3

So this week, I was only able to read ahead one manga, because... well, there was just a lot of stuff going on, and I was really too sad earlier to read anything. I basically had no energy to do it. I felt like a balloon that ran out of air. But of course, these things do past, and I won't let the day end without having posted my weekly updates. :3

For manga,

  • Relife (220)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (252)
  • Haikyuu!! (291)
  • Noblesse (499)
  • The Gamer (211)
  • Life So Happy (1-10)

For anime,

NOTE: Sad to say that because of an ongoing marathon in Japan on another series, Dragon Ball Super episode 129 was delayed, tune in for it next week.

NOTE: Chihayafuru Season 3 will be airing in 2019. It's about time! 2019 is still far away, but I'm looking forward to it already! :3

1. Relife


I'm sorry for that intro, but seriously, there aren't enough words. I'm so very very happy that I'm crying! Yoake and Onoya didn't have any panels in this chapter, but I bet you I know exactly how they feel right now!

if you don't understand what I'm talking about, let me show you.

It happened! Whoooo!

It happened because, continuing from last week, Hishiron was asking for Kaizaki's phone, and for some reason he felt weird hearing those words, but then she corrected her words, because well, they really did sounded like extortion. XD he agrees to exchanging phone numbers, and so she takes out her phone, and then... And then, that's when Kaizaki saw her phone strap which was similar to his own. It triggers a hazy memory at first.
kai match

But after that one memory, several more followed after, actual memories of conversations, slowly showing details of who the girl was, until finally...

What was just a glimpse and a hazy memory became clear. He calls out her name, and she is surprised that he knows, because they had not introduced themselves to each other yet. She then remembers that they had self-introduction earlier, and tells him it's impressive that he remembered from that one time, but then after calling her name a couple of times, he shows her his own phone strap.

This is in turn triggers memories in her, which just like Kaizaki's, slowly helped her remember the guy she first loved, and the memory of wishing he wasn't a test subject like her. The memory of hoping she won't forget about him. The memory of writing on her hand "I was in love with Kaizaki Arata" (the one that Onoya had to erase while crying because she didn't want to, but had to, since it was part of her job) so that she will remember.

It was then that it clicks, and so she runs into his arms. He apologizes for forgetting even though he promised that he wouldn't, but she just shakes her head and says,

Yokatta ne! They were able to meet again. Somehow, we also have to really thank Onoya for suggesting to Hishiron to work in Relife as well, because that made the meeting up easier and faster.

Well, I'll leave you with this. :3

Images of Relife were taken from whiteoutscans.com

2. Shokugeki no Souma

Well, now, it seems that Takumi also managed to finish his dish and will be serving at the same with Rindou. Their dishes are as follows:

The judges decided to taste Takumi's first. They seem to enjoy it, and even Azami says that it is good, but after that, he says "That's all for the opening act." I knew he was belittling Takumi's dish when he chose to taste it first. Many people have this habit of leaving the best for last. I have this habit too. Hahaha. In short, he basically predetermined that Takumi's dish was inferior to Rindou's.

If Takumi's was Calamari Ripieni, a homestyle dish made in the south of Italy, then Rindou's was Causa, one of the most emblematic foods of the Peruvian cuisine.

It seems that Rindou used a unique ingredient instead of the usual tuna that goes into Causa.
I love that face. hahaha.

It happened just like I thought. Well, next it's gonna be Souma and Erina, and Tsukasa and Rindou. The match up is also pretty much obvious, I guess.

Takumi however manages to ask her about what he sensed earlier when Rindou was preparing her dish.

For a moment, Rindou didn't seem able to answer. But it was just a brief moment. Right after, she told him it was rude and ran away very quickly. Lol.

The announcer (I forgot her name, that bi-polar popularity-obsessed girl, lol) was announcing about the fifth bout and the possibility of a sixth bout if ever each team secures only one victory, but Senzaemon declares that the next bout is the final bout.

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

3. Haikyuu

I find this panel funny.
When the others suddenly materialize there, you just know that these two are going to be tackled. And of course they were. Hahaha.

Meanwhile, all of those watching from miles and miles away were surprised and probably innerly celebrating with them, though they would probably not admit that. But it makes sense, don't you think? In a contest where you are not participating, normally you would cheer for someone you know or someone from the same place you live in.

These two however,

The announcers were saying how this is the biggest upset on the second day, because Inari was originally one of the favorites to win the championship, so them losing now changes a lot of things for the nationals.

Atsumu shakes hands with Kageyama, and tells Hinata that he will toss to him one of these days. This makes Kageyama and Hinata wonder.
And we have kicking over here too. Lol.

After some bowing to the audience for both sides, the teams already left the court, and on the Inari side, the Miya twins were trying to apologize to their captain Kita, who cut them off by asking if they think they'll feel a little better if they apologized. Lol. But anyway, he doesn't blame them. None of them does. It was an awesome game, and the two did great, just that Karasuno was able to match it and eventually one-up them.

Kita smiles, which apparently was not a common thing, but happened frequently during this game alone. He does confess that he is indeed pretty frustrated because he wanted to be able to say, "Aren't my teammates amazing?" a little bit longer. The others tear up at this, but the Miya twins declare that he can say it, for they will be his juniors of whom he can be proud of even up til he has his own grandchildren.

Meanwhile, on Karasuno's end,

Hinata has showcased a lot of growth in this match, so I'm really looking forward to how much further he will definitely be going. :3

Images of Haikyuu were taken from readhaikyuu.com

4. Noblesse

I suddenly really really hate this guy (first elder).
So it was on the premise that even if the Union did make up all those things about Franky betraying the humans, the fact is, they want him gone, which is still what this first elder wants right now. And at this, Franky tells him that he is better than the previous elders who were idiots that just hid things and twisted their words around.

Hmm. It seems the dark spear was the Union's attempt at replicating the soul weapons of the Nobles. Of course, its flaw was that it devoured those who used it. And the first elder seems to have noticed that Franky is still struggling with this.

it seems the first elder isn't entirely defenseless or armless. tsk. he went and attacked the lab where Muzaka was in, but I'm not sure what really happened to them there. I hope Muzaka is okay though.

Meanwhile it is revealed that the royal guards actually have blood stones in them, but the kind that don't make them lose life force very quickly, but still giving them the boost in power.

At this, the werewolves were enraged and start attacking because they want to stop the first elder from using armageddon again and destroying their homeland. But as they are, they barely can stand against the newly powered up guards who were already strong before they had even powered up.

Just as the first elder was declaring that armageddon cannot be stopped once it's been given an order, he starts to feel an energy coming from no other than...
I was afraid this would happen. As I watched the werewolves and Franky not making any progress, I already had a feeling that Rai would start stepping in by now. Tsk. I'm hating this first elder even more.

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangareader.net

4. The Gamer

Jihan was fortifying his house in preparation for any attacks. This fortification coupled with the fact that Jihan's house is found on Cheon Bu Moon's territory makes it difficult to attack.

well, speaking of that, suddenly Jihan gets an notification that his house is under attack.

Just as it seems that the enemies will be able to disable Jihan's barrier, a spatial change happens. This is probably the result of whenever Jihan's fortress is attacked. It looks like they are transported into an ID where the time ratio is 10:1. The enemies check in on their connection and everything seems to be fine until they see what's looming ahead of them.

The enemies are shocked, but even Jihan himself was surprised that he can do this. Seems like his imagination really is the limit of his powers.

So Jihan is given the option of 16 melee and 16 range "towers", and he is trying to figure out where to place them based on where his enemies are positioned. And this is how he places his towers. We can see that he hasn't used up all the available 32 towers yet.

Hahaha. Right, Shiyeon has never played games before. XD well, enjoy explaining Jihan. hahaha

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangafreak.net

6. Life So Happy

Since I was recently reading sequels, I decided to read Life So Happy as well, which is the sequel to Love So Life. Just as usual when I summarize several chapters, I won't be going in-depth here and won't add images.

It follows the twins, Aoi and Akane, who were previously around 3 yrs old when their grandma and grandpa (mother side) decided to care for them, instead of Seiji, their Uncle. As a little background, their mom died when they were very young which left their father in shock, who later left the children under his brother's care and then disappeared. Seiji, being a tv reporter, doesn't always have time to take care of them and is often tired after work, had hired Shiharu, then a high school student, as their babysitter, upon witnessing the twins being on very good terms with Shiharu even refusing to go home without her, when normally, they aren't good with strangers. From then on, the twins became very attached to Shiharu, and Shiharu and Seiji also end up falling for each other. Near the end, Kouichi, their father, comes back, and as soon as they see that he sincerely is not gonna run away anymore, he is allowed to be back in the twins' life. In the sequel, he is already living with them in their grandparents' home. By the end of the manga, Shiharu has graduated, and she and Seiji start dating.

In Love So Happy, the twins are now in fifth grade, but Shiharu is still very much dear to them. Actually, Aoi still has a crush on Shiharu, which is understandable. Akane is still as energetic as ever. Both Aoi and Akane have grown into good-looking kids. :3

As children who are at that age, they begin to experience all kinds of new emotions and stuff, but as they continue to keep Shiharu's words in mind, they are able to get by.

We also see Shiharu and Seiji dating, and in the last few chapters, apparently they will be going over to Shizuoka to visit the twins and also have an announcement to make. This is after they were talking with Rio who was experiencing relationship problems with Takeru who loved travelling. He would barely contact her and doesn't go back to Japan for 6 months, and this makes her very lonely. Shiharu tries to console her, but Seiji tells her just to break up with him because he is being an awful boyfriend, since it is the responsibility of a partner to look after the other's needs as well. It is to note that he mentally apologizes to Takeru as he says this, because he and Takeru are friends. Lol. Rio also got a confession from a coworker who was good-looking and a nice person. After thinking about what is really best for her, she sends Takeru a message that they have something to talk about when he comes back. When he does, he gives her all these weird presents as he usually does (lol), and she tells him that she wants to break up, to which Takeru cried No and begged her not to, saying he will come home every 3 months instead, and will try to always find a place with signal. Eventually, she talks with the guy who confessed to her and rejects him, though saying that he was like an oasis, but they part on good terms. She then tells Shiharu that she decided to try a little more harder with Takeru, which Seiji considered a narrow escape from death for Takeru. XD

As for the Seiji's announcement, they were able to deliver it after playing a while with the kids. It seemed that for a while, they actually forgot that they didn't just go there to play. Then, he announces that he and Shiharu will be getting married that year. Grandma and Grandpa, and Kouichi are happy for them, and Kouichi was in the middle of congratulating them when he noticed that Aoi was frozen solid. Akane however is happy for them and was actually expecting it, since she and grandma had noticed it before. But it seems Aoi was so shocked that his mind refused to let it sink in, but when it did, he shouted, "No!", and declares that he doesn't accept their marriage because he doesn't like it. Lol. And he leaves, declaring that until Seiji and Shiharu get it, he's going elsewhere. Lol. Much drama from a 5th grade kid. But well, it's puppy love on his case, and he was shocked, so yeah, it's understandable.

There is yet to be a chapter 11, or atleast none that I know of. Looking forward to see how this issue with Aoi will be resolved. XD

Because I am starting to be a little behind on sched, I decided not to add too much here. I'm not following any ongoing anime as of the moment, apart from DBS, and it has been sometime since the last ones I watched before, though I really did want to feature them more in-depth, like Youkoso Jitsuryoku and Net juu no Susume. But maybe some other time.

Definitely though, if I start following any new manga or anime, they will make it to these weekly updates, so if you have suggestions for me, I'm open to consider them. :3

That's all for this week.

Thank you so much for reading, and as always,

Good day, Steemians! :3

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That delayed Dragon Ball Super episode is killing me.. I'm reading the One Punch Man Manga at the moment, it is coming out so slooooowly.. Maybe two chapters every week.. Great post :)

hahaha. it is killing so many people. Have you seen the comments? Lol.

I basically just developed an instant addiction to Relife, which I had never heard of before.

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Woah I lost track about anime. Good thing to see your post will definately try relife.