Updates to My Current Manga and Anime #12

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Hello, hello! :3 It's monday today, and that means what?

It means it's time for my weekly update! Yes it is! XD

And what do we here...

For manga,

  • Relife (216)
  • One Piece (892)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (248)
  • Noblesse (495)
  • Haikyuu!! (287)
  • The Gamer (207)
  • Baby Steps (307)

7 manga updates are quite a lot, so I had to limit Anime to:

  • Dragon Ball Super (125)

1. Relife


Last week, Onoya had noticed something fall from the bed. My guess was:

I'm betting it's a diary of some sort, so that Hishiro won't forget Kaizaki. We'll see next week if I'm right. :3

Now I'm not totally wrong, but I'm not totally right either. Hahaha. What dropped from the bed was a pen, which Hishiro had used to write on her hand to remind herself that she was in love with Kaizaki. T.T Onoya was saying that Hishiro did suspect that Kaizaki was also a test subject, and as I said in previous updates, she probably had an inkling that she will also forget Kaizaki.

We see a tearful Onoya who is torn about whether to leave the words on her hands or do her job.
Unable to contain her tears, she bawls out beside the sleeping Hishiro.

But sadness may have permeated this night, morning still has to come, and it did for all our people in Relife.

Kaizaki wakes up and says hello to his adult self. He sits down in front of his table and notices his phone strap.
kai strap
He brushes it off and proceeds to call Yoake.

Over in Hishiro's end, she notices her own phone strap and wonders as well, whether she has always had that phone strap attached. What more, she seems to have the recollection that Kariu and Tamarai gave her the hair ties she used. I'm pretty sure it was Kaizaki though. She now speculates that she must have loved the design so much that she bought something similar herself, but she has that notion that it can't be that.

It seems that Kaizaki has chosen where he wants to work, while Hishiro has still yet to finish going through every detail from the choices presented to her. And it seems that Kaizaki has been accepted for the job he applied for. Hmmm... and the interesting thing is what Yoake replied to Onoya when she asked what kind of job he was accepted for.


He applied for Relife! I'm positive! :3

Images of Relife were taken from whiteoutscans.com

2. One Piece

In One Piece, Sanji finally comes with the cake. And mama is starting to get a whiff!

Of course, Sanji starts getting excited as soon as he thinks of Nami. XD I wonder how Pudding feels? hahaha
And of course it's not haki, it's just Sanji's excitement over Nami. XD

Upon noticing the ship that the cake is on, Big Mom's son is contemplating whether to let her it eat or to destroy the cake. They muse that it is possibly poisoned, but if they don't let her eat it, her tantrum will never end. Pudding on the other hand, is headed to the Thousand Sunny with Sanji, fast enough so her brothers won't notice her.

Bege and his ship carrying the cake suddenly change directions towards liqueur island to lure Big Mom there and do whatever they want to kill her. Sanji discusses this with the other Straw Hats. Sanji asks them where Pedro and Carrot are. Nami tries to answer, but Brook beats her to it and says that they are sleeping because of the fight. It's only half-true. Carrot is sleeping, but Pedro is probably dead already, though it was never shown.

Bege calls Peros to taunt him, saying that he will let Mama eat the cake, then let her go, but Peros says that he must be lying. Bege tells him to relax and to just chase the Straw Hats, but Peros bites into the taunt and decides to come after Bege. Peros calls his other sibling, Smoothie, to chase after the Straw Hats while they go to Mama. The taunt is confirmed to have a been a ruse to lure them in when panels later, Bege asks Chiffon if this is enough for her to have finally repaid the favor. She tells them it is, and to believe in the power of the cake, because Sanji is an amazing cook. To be fair, he is. :3

Sanji has told the team that they know about the Cacao island plan, so they might be in for it, but they decide to head there anyway, since they have no way to tell Luffy.

Over on Cacao, it seems that an order has been issued to break all their mirrors or to throw them into the ocean, apart from one, where they will lure Luffy and attack him. But in the Mirror World, Luffy and Katakuri are still at it. Katakuri has noticed that Luffy's Color of Observation haki is improving and is closely approaching his own level. Luffy might just be able to defeat him, but! What is this?!
Luffy is hit by this laughing female. What happened?

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

3. Shokugeki no Souma

We open to a flashback of Nene and Isshiki's past, where Nene is frustrated about how Isshiki was good at everything and easily took to anything, while she herself was not and she found it unfair. But back in the current, Isshiki is still going at it with Tsukasa. And the theme is: Wild Rabbit! (tbh, it reminds me of the ragout rabbit in SAO XD)

On the sidelines, the rebels are of course, cheering Isshiki on, while Momo is saying that she almost guarantees that Tsukasa will win. And Saitou kids her about how this is coming from someone who just lost to a dish she had given 95% to. Hahaha. Touchy subject, Saitou. While both sides discuss the theme, the rebels are talking about how the theme is very much in Tsukasa's favor, who was good at French cuisine, because the wild rabbit was commonly prepared there, while in Japanese cuisine, there were hardly any techniques for it. In the midst of that, we also have this panel:

Lol, anyway, putting that segue aside, Isshiki is preparing his food as his usual happy-go-lucky self, and the rebels akin it to him cooking for them in the dorm. As Isshiki passes the elite ten, Nene asks him how he can prepare food like that with a grin even though he is up against Tsukasa, and he must know that he will lose. Tsukasa tells her that he won't know until he has tried, and that his life motto is: "Someone engrossed and enjoying what they're doing is invincible." To this, Nene's reaction is simply

The rebels have concluded that Isshiki is probably gonna diverge from the Japanese style, since he knows a lot of other techniques anyway. But when Isshiki comes back, he brings with him a japanese bowl and declares that he will make a Japanese soup dish. The rebels all exclaim at this, and Souma is wondering why. It seems that Japanese soup is the most delicate and refined dish among all Japanese dishes, and the stink of the wild rabbit will make it difficult to make, and that it might be hard to make the soup "perfectly clear, without a wisp of cloud", and even if he can make it clear, such assertive smell will put it off.


After that, Isshiki just proceeds with cooking his dish, talking about watching and waiting for the perfect moment the umami is released. The crowd watches him all up til he presents his dish to the judges. And Anne's reaction upon opening the lid is??

As Nene looks at Isshiki, thinking about how he could create such mold-breaking dishes, Isshiki tells her that there is no need to look at him like that. They do some reminiscing of their childhood, how Nene always tried to do whatever Isshiki did, even when she had a lot of trouble doing them, and Nene bursts out how he makes fun of her because she has little grasp of the fundamentals and always does things by the book. Just as the judges exclaim something about the flavor of the soup, Isshiki tells Nene to speak more kindly of the time she spent building her skills.
Do we have a ship??? XD I'm sure Nene has a lot to do with the current flavor of the soup. We will see what next time!

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

4. Noblesse

A very angry Lunark asks the perpetrators who they are. The first elder greets her and tells her that they finally meet. She is apparently the fifth elder. (I don't remember this?) And she wonders who he is, but later she spots Haydn, the one posing as the first elder, and exclaims this. The first elder then says that he is the first elder, and that Haydn was only acting on his behalf. He tells her that she can probably understand why they are attacking the werewolves.

Lunark does in fact understand, and she muses about all these in her mind, chiding herself for not keeping an eye on the Union.


We see Rai and Franky chose not to answer. Lunark, however, came up with her own, saying how they are here to demand something from the werewolves. Hmm. Interesting. It seems her own way of saying that they should not get involved. It as their own matter, and she already had asked them for a favor. She, however, was gonna fight.

She thinks of dealing with the first elder first, but if she thinks they will stand by and watch her attack him, she is wrong. The first elder didn't even move or say anything, and already, the female was defending him from the attack.

They go at it for a while, but she manages to elude her and charges at the first elder again, only to be blocked by two more warriors this time. They fall down at her attack. The other werewolf warriors watch her with awe. And the first elder concludes that her body seems to be in its normal state, unlike the rest. She charges at him again yelling not to call her fifth elder, and this time, it is Haydn who defends the first elder.

I see emperorish undertones here. XD

As Lunark decides to deal with Haydn, the two others who were down had grabbed her on both arms, and the female stabs her from behind.


Haydn also goes for the blow, and the others fall down at his attack, but immediately rise up. The advancements of regenerative ability becomes pretty apparent. But I still think there's something weird with these people. How they don't seem to have their own will or something.

The first elder declares that after this battle, not a single werewolf will remain, because conquering them seemed to be a questionable ordeal, since they are an unstable factor to the Union. At this, Rai starts to say, "Frankenstein", but Franky cuts him off and says "Yes. Master." without even letting Rai finish. Rai is left with a question mark bubble. XD Obviously, we know that Franky's gonna fight now, as he taunts the first elder. He was pretty much holding back the entire time. Ah well.

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangareader.net

5. Haikyuu!!

Atsumu serves and scores, putting Inari at match point again. Coach Ukai tells his team "We don't need any miracles." Hinata and Kageyama don't really get it, but it seems that loosened up some for the others. They don't need a miracle.

They get the ball up and as they think that it will cross the net, Hinata goes in as usual, gunning to spike, and Kageyama's right there, already setting the ball for him. Kenma calls Hinata ruthless. Apparently because he makes Kageyama go all out, even though the ball was already crossing over at the time, making it quite the difficult angle for Kageyama. Still, they score, so that's all that matters for now.


Well, they have great chemistry. And to prove it, here is Hinata and Kageyama again.

Well, regardless of this battle of who "wins", today seems to be Hinata's day. Then again, it usually is, but this time, we have Tsukki finally acknowledge that Hinata catching what they fail to catch before is no fluke. He tries to block the attack of the others, but concludes that he cannot, so he does what he can to choke the spike and simply asks Hinata in his to mind to...
not fluke

They'll win for sure, but we have to see how Furudate-sensei will make it happen. :3

Images of Haikyuu!! were taken from readhaikyuu.com

6. The Gamer

Last time we discover that it was her guildmaster that Shiyeon was fighting. Now, they talk. It seems the guildmaster is in her sane mind and is not being controlled? She confirms that she is here on her own accord. But why? She does not say yet, but Shiyeon declares she will knock her to the ground.

Meanwhile, Jihan is thinking about strategies and escape plans, and concludes that attacking at the same time is best, but he decides to watch Shiyeon for now, because she needs this.

Shiyeon attacks, but of course, the guild master is not guild master for no reason. It is not easy, but when Shiyeon manages to hit a good one that should have damaged the bones or atleast left some aftereffect, the guildmaster was ot hurt at all. The guildmaster notices her surprise and explains to her that it is the power of the Church of Masks.

Shiyeon concludes that she has gone beyond brainwashing. And as she is caught the enemy's hands, she is in danger of the mask.

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangatown.com

7. Baby Steps

Ei-chan is thinking about what strategies to use against Asano, and as he thinks up of some, he includes that Asano is always exceeding his calculations. Still, he decides to stay true to his style, and manages to score a point.

Asano seems to also be somewhat predicting him. Asano has the experience to be able to do that even if he is not like Ei-chan. But Ei-chan declares his strong will to play based off his data. With this, he gets the point again, and they are back at a tie.

Asano goes into a flashback of all he went through. He was at a disadvantage with power plays, but he did switch to that too. He got an offer to coach, but he turned it down because he wanted to prove that there was an option for Japanese players against speed and power. The sponsorship he used to receive was also taken from him, since he had not been getting good results, back to the present, what he's doing seems rash, but he still won't back down.

Asano misses on his first serve, and on his second serve, he does a wide flat, despite Ei-chan's thinking that he would not do it. Ei-chan faces some problems now as Asano gets more difficult to read.


8. Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta and Goku are still at it with Jiren, but even after all of their attacks, he barely breaks a sweat. Still Gohan believes that his father and Vegeta will win.

Meanwhile, Toppo is chasing after 17. 17 hits him with a barrage of attacks, but Toppo asks him if he think this amount of power is enough to stop him. 17 tells him that he knows it is not, but it is going according to plan. Just what plan is this though?

As those over in the stands discuss what he is doing, 18 reveals the point of his attacks. They have infinite energy so he only needs to keep attacking until the time's up. I had that inkling because he did mention the time earlier when he was running. Well, this will only work if he can keep Toppo at bay like that, but of course, they won't make it that easy, right? hahaha.

When Toppo manages to outrun 17's attacks, Toppo launches a great massive attack at 17, which brings him a little close to the edge. Suddenly, Toppo is put off, which gives 17 a chance to push back. I think most of us have called it here. It's Frieza. Who else could it be? haha. He should help, after all, he's got no opponent anymore.

He hits Toppo's back with his beam, and tells 17 that he is playing around too much. Frieza hits him again and again with his beam, and this allows 17 to push back even further.

Frieza is really good at annoying people. Lol.
Right you are, Krillin. XD

Toppo, pushed to the edge, saying that justice is worthless now, unleashes his power. Jiren, Goku and Vegeta stop parrying for a moment upon feeling the energy he releases. And even those on the stands feel the insane power. Beerus likens it to a god's.
And after that huge release, Toppo undertakes an impressive transformation.

It seems that Toppo's power is that of Destruction. The Universe 11 on the stands confirm it, that it is the Power of Destruction, a power exclusive to gods of destruction, and Toppo has it because he is a candidate for Universe 11's god of destruction.

Frieza, arrogant as ever, says that it is nothing aganst Golden Frieza. When Toppo attacks him with "Destroy", he arrogantly says he can handl it with one hand, and at first, it seems like he can, but, eventually, he is swallowed by the attack, and the entire stage is shattered.

With Frieza out of the picture, to be honest, I don't know where he is right now, but currently the spotlight is on 17 and Toppo. But since 17's attacks cannot damage Toppo because of his Energy of Destruction, there doesn't seem to be a way to win, even after Beerus notices that Toppo needs time to charge his attacks. Frieza does come back to the picture a little later, but no longer in his Golden state. Now, he tries to attack, and he throws an awesome amount of power towards Toppo who only needed a tiny "Destroy" to annilihilate the entire thing. Toppo then attacks Frieza, and eventually kicks him, which dropped him on the edge and unconscious, quoting Frieza's own line earlier, "Trash belongs to the Trash Bin."

17 is back again, and is not about to back down.

Images of Dragon Ball Super were taken from dragonballtime.tv

I will probably try to do some of these a bit earlier next week, so that I can include other anime even if there are a lot of manga included in my updates.

For now, that's all for my updates,

I hope you enjoyed reading them and could grasp the story.

Thank you,

and Good day, Steemians! :3


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