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Today, I have finally started reading ahead, so that I don't get swamped when I finally start writing this post.

I feel that when I mass-read like I did before, I am not able to fully get into the story as I should, since I am thinking of the many more that I need to read and summarize, and while I enjoy reading and sharing the story to other people, it is not as fulfilling as usual when I do it that way.

Hence, I came up with the idea to read ahead some of them, so that I have enough time to fully write a proper post. And so far, I feel it is more fun this way.

Anyway! Enough with the dilly-dally, it's time to give you the weekly updates!

For manga, we have:

  • Relife (217)
  • One Piece (893)
  • Noblesse (496)
  • The Gamer (208)
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (39-40)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (249)
  • Haikyuu! (288)

For anime,

  • Dragon Ball Super (126)

1. Relife

So the Relife chapter takes place going back a little before Yoake and Onoya's conversation in their office. Kaizaki calls Yoake early in the morning to tell him that he isn't interested in any of the companies that were presented to him for employment. Yoake tells him it is fine, but is asking for more time to present more to him.

But to Yoake's surprise, this was Kaizaki's response,

Fufu! Of course, Kaizaki would opt for this. Furthermore, in the support division like Yoake and Onoya. :3 Well, to be honest, I think he suits the position quite well since he is really good at encouraging people. I mean, look at how it worked out with the kids and Hishiron back then.

Yoake, though greatly surprised enough to get up in bed, tells him of the many things that will change in his life if he decides to pursue this line of work. But Kaizaki tells him that to him it had been a incredible experience, and he wants to have a job that helps people have a similar experience. Imo, the superiors would love to have him, having seen his own Relife. he was practically doing a lot of supporting already.


We see Kaizaki lighting up here after being told that it was a plausible option for him. However, Yoake decides to tease him as well, noting that they might possibly work for the same company now,


hahaha! Kaizaki then realizes that it also means that he will also be under Onoya. It seems that he didn't think this far ahead. Hahahahahaha! Well, I can understand the uneasiness of being the juniors of those two! They'd pick and tease you everyday, I'm sure!

Forward to the present, Yoake smiles as he looks at the report he has made for Kaizaki where it details Kaizaki's choice for employment. We see here that even Yoake thinks that this is Kaizaki's true vocation.


We then see Kaizaki preparing himself for his first day of work! What's with that weird expression, Kaizaki? XD

He again notices his phone strap and thinks that it is not a phone strap that a 30-year old man should be using, but he doesn't feel like taking it off. As he thinks this, he is actually in the same train as Hishiron! The owner of the matching phone strap.

After getting off the train, he bumps into Tamarai and the two guys, who of course, do not recognize him. Apparently, they are on their way to university.


Hmmm, you know I was hoping Hishiron and Kaizaki would work at the same place. But I wonder if Hishiron would do well as a support in Relife? I mean, Hishiron seems best at paper works and researching and such. :3 Still wishing they would though. Maybe she'd be in a different division. XD

Images of Relife were taken from whiteoutscans.com

2. One Piece

Luffy is still down from the last attack, and Katakuri is disappointed in him. Katakuri thinks that Luffy just lost his footing, but actually, his sister was helping him out.

Just when Luffy has gotten up again, Flampe tries to hit him again with a silent needle, but Luffy dodges it, though he still falls down. Katakuri then senses that someone else is there, and realizes it is his sister Flampe.

He trudges towards Flampe, totally angry, while Flampe is oblivious to his anger, thinking he is coming over to praise her. She gets ready to hug him, but he stops in front of her, pierces his own stomach, and yells at her not to intervene between a battle of men. The reaction is,


After that, Flambe and her minions continue pouring all sorts of insults on Katakuri. But all he does is go back and face Luffy, and apologize for not noticing the needle she had hit him with. Luffy and Katakuri then both activate their Conqueror's Haki, and all the spectators fall down foaming in the mouth.


Luffy thanks him for realizing, but declares he will win. Typical Luffy. :3

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

3. Noblesse

Well, Franky started releasing that dark aura of his, and started attacking. His aura was all over the place, but actually, he was just hitting the enemies, making them gather in one place.


Though it seems it may have almost hit Rai too. Lol. I'm not quite sure whether Rai was hit, or Rai was also attacking, contributing to the enemies being gathered at one place. I think he was almost hit though.


The first elder wanted to confirm if this meant a war between nobles and humans, because apparently, as the head of the union, he is also the "king of the humans". Franky mocks him at this, and calls him on his plans or the union's goals, which is to wipe out all non-human species, so that humans will be at the center of the world, so in short, though he doesn't want to fight with the nobles now, eventually, he will attack them anyway.

Franky continues to lecture him about how the topshots all really want is greater power and longer lifespans. And that technically, humans have caused more harm and casualties to themselves. So this self-proclaimed king has no right to talk as if they have noble intentions.

After all of that, he asks Franky who he is, but Franky being Franky, sidestepped the question.


Eventually, with the first elder just uttering Haydn's name, Franky was surrounded by the enemies.


As the enemy poises to attack, Franky calls the dark spear and hits first. The first and third elder seem to recognize the weapon.


Again, we see Rai with a hand raised, showing as if he had also attacked or defended. Still inclined on the "defended" side.


Lol. Why so many bloopers in this serious chapter? XD

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangereader.net

4. The Gamer

Shiyeon is still at it with her former guild leader, but it seems the foe is not taking damage despite her blows hitting. The battle seemed totally one-sided as the enemy even started moving at a speed that Shiyeon could not perceive.

The guild master notices that she can keep fighting even though Shiyeon should now be suffering from damaged bones and muscles. What she doesn't know is that Shiyeon, being in Jihan's party, is under the influence of Jihan's passive skills which allow exactly that.

Shiyeon identifies that the guild leader is moving at the speed of sound.


Jihan cuts in the battle despite Shiyeon's protest. Jihan after asking the guild leader some questions, was able to find out that their divine connection has far improved from before, allowing them to now use more than one skill, and allowing the level of their skills to be at the level of whoever has the highest among them. She also reveals that they had actually wanted Jihan's master Loli, but I guess they can't handle her, so now they are after Shiyeon. Jihan of course, won't hear of it.

He starts activating some spells, and launches an attack which puts her down.


He then puts on some magic sealing bracelets on her. All the while, Shiyeon was just left to ask "What's that?" about the things Jihan is doing. Lol. I get you girl. He's weird that way.


I wonder if the bracelet will work? Anyway, for now, this battle is done. Funny how short it took for Jihan to finish a battle that took Shiyeon almost 3 chapters. XD OP Jihan.

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangatown.com

5. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Continuing from that battle where the enemies appeared from a fissure in the sky, it seems that several ships got swallowed up, but despite that, they seem to be recovering into position and are doing good. Naofumi had just regained consciousness and was informed of this, and since the other adventurers were doing their job properly, now he plans to focus on the Dimensional Whale.

Being a shield weilder, one who can't do big damages, he wonders what he can do on that end, and the queen tells him to protect the ship, so he has to somehow catch the whale's attention. He dives in riding Firo and uses a taunt move, which makes the monsters within 15m focus on him, and that included the boss whale.


Apparently, the other heroes have been trying to attack it, and as Naofumi comes out of the water, they were able to hit the boss whale following behind him.


But it hadn't been taken down just yet. The others, save Raphtalia, seem to have stopped attacking, wasting the opportunity that Naofumi's tanking is doing. Just as Naofumi notices this, Raruk attacks the whale, helping him out and finishing the whale off.


Naofumi thanks him, and Raruk tells him that Naofumi can't finish the whale off with his shield even though he is strong. The other heroes however, come running to him demanding the drops. Tsk. The nerve.

Anyway, Raruk hears them claiming it on the gist that they are the heroes, but he scoffs at them, saying the heroes can't possibly be that weak.


Raphtalia comes running to tell Naofumi that the Queen is calling him about closing the fissure, witnessing the other heroes on the ground, and Raruk's spear at Naofumi's neck. (End of 39)


It seems that Raruk is actually fighting to save another world, that's why even though he has nothing against Naofumi, he guns to kill him. The Queen who has been looking for Naofumi, had seen them fighting from afar. The other heroes had gotten up then, and tries to get in on the fight. Theris however launches a strong attack that hits the ships and seems to have put the heroes to sleep.


Naofumi, who was still up, opposes Raruk. Despite his shield protecting him, somehow Raruk was able to graze him.

Theris again tries to launch a massive attack on Naofumi and his group,


but it disperses right before it hits him, because the bracelet he had made for her seems to have cancelled the attack. Interesting.

Anyway, Theris will now sit this one out because the bracelet does not want to fight, but all the while Naofumi is confused about the battle. As if to answer his question, a previous enemy appears, confirming that they were on the same side.


And I actually did like Raruk and Theris :(

Images of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari were taken from otscans.com

6. Shokugeki no Souma


We now witness Isshiki's dish amaze the audience and the judges. While the others are focused on Isshiki's dish, Souma notices Isshiki and Nene talking.


Nene is flustered about how Isshiki is probably teasing her again, after saying that she is his savior. After some kidding, he tells her his story...


I must say, that is a cruel childhood.

Just as the two talk, the judges were still perusing Isshiki's dish, and they now discover that it can become a Miso soup by breaking the Wandane.


Anne likens the dish to Jo-ha-kyuu.


Meanwhile, Isshiki continues his story,


Finishing it with the statement that he deeply respects Nene.

The chapter itself finishes with Isshiki dealing a big blow to Tsukasa, shattering his knight's armor. But, I'm sure that's not all there is to it, as we have to yet to see Tsukasa's dish. I'm cheering for Isshiki, but for the current events I foresee for this manga, he will probably lose. Still, go rebels! ;3

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

7. Haikyuu!!

Last time, Hinata was able to receive the ball properly thanks to Tsukishima's block. And now here they are running for a back-minus attack, but the other team's libero receives it well.

We also see some commentaries from the audience about how every single play is connected, which is true. But we also have some saying how Karasuno is running on fumes. Well, given it is the last set, and they're against the crowd favorite to win, they would have definitely expended a lot of energy playing.

We see some struggle, but they manage to keep the ball up, and now Kageyama sets the ball for Azumane. Three blockers, but Azumane hits it!


And this results in... a break! Karasuno has a break!


Now, with this break, the players on court are exhausted and tensed. And the chapter ends with the statement that whoever scores now will be a hero. Go, go, Karasuno! Win, win, Karasuno! Hahaha, now I feel like I'm part of their cheer squad. It's high time this game ends. So, Karasuno, win it!

Images of Haikyuu were taken from readhaikyuu.com

8. Dragon Ball Super

The episode opens to Vegeta and Toppo. Man, don't tell me we're gonna have another sacrifice in order to get Toppo out of the picture?

17 still tries to oppose Toppo, but currently, his attacks are mostly useless. He can barely even hide behind anything now, since Toppo can just simply destroy walls as if they were made of sand. But as 17 watched the wall crumble behind Toppo, it seems that something occurred to him. He then runs to a nearby hulk of land, and lures Toppo into it before causing the thing to crash on top of him. But even that wasn't really much, since Toppo simply erased all the rubble on top of him.


17 is worn out by the attacks of Toppo, and as Toppo loomed over him, ready to finish the battle, Frieza gets in the way again. He catches Toppo in a ball of paralysis, but it hardly does much for Toppo other than disabling his movement. Eventually, he gets out of it and lungs for Frieza's throat.


He then throws Frieza away, where he lands a little ways off from 17. Toppo launches a barrage of attacks, which the two respond to in kind. When that ends, he tells the two that they can't defeat him with his power of Destruction. As he was saying that he will knock all of them off instead of destroying them, he gets hit by a ricochet of the parry between Goku, Vegeta and Jiren.


That battle is still ongoing, and as Jiren also launches an attack at Goku and Vegeta, which they manage to evade, it had seemed that Frieza and 17 had gotten hit in the blast since they were also in the line of attack.

Hmm. So this is how Vegeta ended up fighting Toppo. While the two were still knocked off to who knows where, Toppo and Jiren had exchanged a silent agreement to split the remaining opponents to make it easier.

Vegeta launches his Final Flash and Toppo hits it with his Destroy, and at first, Vegeta's attack was not budging, but Toppo seemingly exerted more, which dispelled the Final Flash, launching the Destroy at Vegeta, but he managed to evade it. And now it is in space... Probably destroying everything in its path... Unless they had put barriers around this arena. Hahaha.

While Vegeta was busy in his thoughts, Toppo was able to catch him off-guard, and was hitting him in succession until Vegeta is now left unmoving for the moment, in Toppo's line of attack. Toppo had mentioned that he had casted everything unnecessary, including justice, aside, in order to survive. At this, Vegeta reminisce about certain things, first of which is his family.


Vegeta then declares that he is not like Toppo, for he will cast nothing aside.


And he actually manages to hit Toppo. Well, well, well. He keeps this up for a few minutes more of the episode. Vegeta's resolve is amazing, or maybe it's the memory of his beloved wife. * wink * Anyway, he declares he won't lose to someone who can't even protect his pride, probably in reference to Toppo who had been all about justice just before then. While they battle, we will notice several boulders disappearing as Toppo's attacks hit them instead of Vegeta. Now, Vegeta declares to Toppo that he will give him an attack too powerful to destroy.

Piccolo seems to recognize this as the same suicidal attack that Vegeta used against Majin Buu back then.

Toppo seems to want to respond in kind to the energy that Vegeta is gathering, as he is now also creating a giant Destroy ball.


In this faceoff, at first it seemed like Vegeta's attack was swallowed by the Destroy ball, but in a few moments, it breaks through and swallows Toppo, destroying him, and a doing a huge number on the arena again.


Toppo is then teleported lying down onto the stands. The Great Priest announces Toppo's dropping out. But Vegeta is yet to be found. Until they spot him finally, still on the arena, but no longer in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Just regular ol' Vegeta.

Well, the Universe 7 audience are glad of this. While all of Vegeta's power is gone, still he managed to survive an attack that had previously killed him before. Goes to show how much stronger he has become since then. The Super Saiyan Blue probably contributing a lot to his survival. Beerus observes that Vegeta can barely stand now as it is, but to me, it's a wonderful thing that he's even standing at all. Toppo was lying down! Point 1 for Vegeta! Well, he even stayed in the arena, so, point 2 for Vegeta! hahaha.

18 is also glad to see that 17 also survived Jiren's previous attack, though it seems he has sustained some damage from it.

And there's something. It's interesting to notice that Goku, upon just being kicked down by Jiren, is suddenly not emitting his aura. Before getting kicked, his hair was blue, but right after, it was black again. Oh well. We know his power is not yet used up anyway. Jiren had congratulated Vegeta for defeating Toppo while casting nothing aside. And where is Frieza in all this?

Four minutes left! Yep, everything that had happened just now happened in just a minute. It sounds kinda ridiculous, but that's that. hahaha! Next week, Jiren seems to be about to release a hidden power.

Images of Dragon Ball Super were taken from dragonballtime.tv

I was able to post this earlier than I normally would have, if I had not read ahead.

Next week, I am gonna try reading more than just 3 mangas ahead, so that I can add more anime into this mix.

If you have any anime/manga suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments or leave me a pm. :3 I would be glad to consider them.

Anyway, that's it for this week.

Thanks for reading,

and Good day, Steemians! :3


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