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Hello wonderful people of Steemit! :3

It's monday again and it's time for my weekly manga/anime updates!

Sadly, I was not able to read ahead like last week because I was busy baking cookies! Haha. I'll still try to include as much as I possibly can here, but I will definitely try to read ahead again next week because I've noticed that it's a lot more enjoyable for me that way. :3

So anyway, my updates for the week are:

For manga,

  • Relife (218)
  • One Piece (894)
  • Shokugeki no Souma (250)
  • Noblesse (497)
  • Haikyuu!! (289)
  • The Gamer (209)
  • Fruits Basket (complete)

For anime,

  • Dragon Ball Super (127)

1. Relife

Kaizaki has started working, and already, the two are teasing him. XD Apparently, the company is considering his previous experiment as his "OJT", so he is to go to work right away, and has to learn all these information about the school he will be attending as a transfer student when classes start again.


Ha, brings me memories of how he struggled to pass his exams. XD I wonder how he's gonna manage for the next school year. Though I guess, if he keeps doing this, he'll definitely end up used to it, enough to ace his exams even maybe. Though personally, I wouldn't feel all that good about having to go to school as a student forever as a part of your job. Isn't that just boring and also heartbreaking considering you're gonna meet all kinds of people again. Oh well, he chose this. And he does suit this kind of job.

There is gonna be a newcomers party by nighttime, and Yoake is telling him to go all out since they hardly get the chance to drink in their adult form. Fast-forward to the party, Kaizaki is getting all nervous being around adults right after he just came from being a "student" again. He finds a seat near the edge of the table and... what's this????


I literally could not stop smiling! X3 I must say it, Hishiron is stunning!

Apparently, there was a slot machine that decides your seat. As flustered Kaizaki leaves the seat, it seems there is some faint feeling and a slight memory of something that happened before with the woman who just talked to him and he could not help but wonder and turn back to look.


Nonetheless, he does find his own seat, and after a while, Yoake comes sit beside him. It seems that others made him drink a lot, which he coins as the "fate of the newcomer". Yoake asks him if he had the chance to talk to other newcomers. I see what you're thinking Yoake! hahaha. But Kaizaki had not done much of that yet.

Hishiron on the other hand...


This was the look on her face as she looked at Kaizaki. Hmmm. :3

Anyway, I just want to say... called it! Haha. And I am super happy that they really did end up working for the same company, albeit in different divisions. Can't wait to read the next chapter! :3

Images of Relife were taken from whiteoutscans.com

2. One Piece

We have a flashback of when Rayleigh was trying to train Luffy with the observation haki. Luffy however, was more concerned with food. XD


It wasn't that successful, but it seems that Luffy always really had it in him.


He could sense the feelings of others, and according to Rayleigh, this is also part of the Colour of Observation, along with being able to get a small glimpse of the future, which only the strong ones are capable of using.

Going back to the present, it seems that Luffy is starting to get the hang of it. But not perfectly though. Still, it is great progress.

Meanwhile, just as they were near to their destination, Chiffon decides that Liqueur Island is a little too near for comfort, and that they should continue on to Puffs Island, to give Nami and the others leeway to escape.

As for Nami and the rest on their ship, they are currently under the attack of Smoothie and her other sisters. Well, Nami and Jinbe are busy with the ship's navigation and steering, but the others...


Sanji is still with Pudding, and they are en-route to Cacao Island to save Luffy from the great army that is waiting to ambush him.

And now, at 12:05, exactly 1 hour before their scheduled time to meet up, Luffy goes into Gear Fourth! Snake Man!

I wonder what that looks like?

Images of One Piece were taken from mangalife.us

3. Shokugeki no Souma


So Isshiki and Nene were having this moment. And then suddenly, Tsukasa...


Well, he's quite the cold water, but anyway, he apparently wants to recruit Isshiki as his assistant, kinda like how he wanted to recruit Souma before. Lol. Anyway, he tells Isshiki to think it over before his judging finishes.

And his dish is...

Apparently, this is the iconic supreme ruler of wild game dishes that nobles loved. But just as the judges were deeming it inferior compared to Isshiki's dish, Anne discovers something else.


Below the royale custard, there is also Chestnut Confit and Fig-apple Puree Sauce.

The judges muse that he is a real genius, but that there is a thin line between Genius and Abnormal.

When Tsukasa was a kid, he took paint from another kid who had just managed to mixed colors to form the color blue. Lol. And when asked why, he said it was because he thought it would help make his painting more beautiful. Get the genius and abnormal part?

And as for their current bout. Well, just as I called it, the winner is...

Isshiki turned down his offer, of course. Tsukasa even said that maybe he is not a real leader because he kept being turned down. Lol.

Anyway, Rindou is also probably going to win. But it would be great if she didn't. Haha. It would be awesome if Takumi wins.

Images of Shokugeki no Souma were taken from readshokugeki.com

4. Noblesse

Currently in Noblesse, this is what the others think of Franky. Even Lunark is wondering where he gets his combat skill from.

As for the first elder, he now declares that what Franky is using can't possibly be the real dark spear since it shouldn't be usable and that is an info available only to him, the first elder. Arrogant, arrogant.

Franky doesn't get what he is rambling about and just attacks. Of course, the third elder defends with that weird psychic power of his. But even this 3rd elder is left wondering about Franky's power.

The other lackeys gang up on Franky, but he manages just fine though being disadvantaged in number.

It just occurred to me that this one reminds me of the woman secretary with cyborg legs in the first Kingsman movie, except that her slicers are on her hands. Anyway, she is the current focus of Franky's attacks.

They finally notice the effect of Franky's power.
And I finally now know that they are actually royal guards. Lol.

It starts to dawn on him that the characteristics are really similar to the dark spear, and that Franky seemed to know a lot.

It is also to note that all the while, even when he seems that he's surrounded, Franky has that sinister smile. And as all the guards fall down, all the wolves are just in awe. While the first elder is not looking too happy.


Talk about sarcasm, Franky. XD

Images of Noblesse were taken from mangareader.net

5. Haikyuu!!

The match between Inari and Karasuno are getting a lot of attention now as their scores inch nearer to 30.

It's practically a hot battle of setters, as Osamu and Kageyama do all kinds of amazing plays together with their spikers. Somehow, it all feels dragged, if you ask me. Or maybe it's just cause it has in fact already reached 30, and I am reading it instead of watching. Although, normally, even if I'm just reading, I would still feel very excited, but right now, I just want someone to make an amazing play or just finish already. hahaha.

Ey, and I'm not sure if Tsukishima did this on purpose but,

This results in a chance ball. Karasuno starts picking up the pace, but Coach Ukai is trying to tell down to slow down. They don't seem to hear this though as they focus on making sure Inari doesn't score.


This noose starts to tighten around Karasuno, but suddenly,

Hinata sure is becoming a real solid force supporting Karasuno. And all the members realize this,
The once great noob has sprouted such wings. :3

End-game next time, I hope?

Images of Haikyuu!! taken from readhaikyuu.com

6. The Gamer

After disabling the Divine Connection and bringing her to an ID where they could be alone, this is the first reaction Jihan has upon removing the mask from the guild leader.

They wake her up and as she realized that they got her. She asks Jihan resignedly what he wants. But Jihan tells her that they simply wanted to rescue her. It seems she is back to her normal self now. And apparently her name is Yoohwa Jeong.

And when Shiyeon asks her why, she answers simply that she is happier now than before she joined the Church of Masks. Shiyeon does not understand this, and Jeong brings up that Shiyeon was raised to be a weapon for the Yeonhon guild, which surprises Jihan.

Apparently, Shiyeon's purpose for living was simply to protect the guild. She was raised and trained this way. A human weapon. And that if she grew a bit more powerful, they would even be counted among the top ten guilds of Korea.

Jihan doesn't like this in the least, and gets into some argument with her. She then questions whether the moral principles he believes in are right in the first place.

Eventually, they just really don't come to terms at all, because she insist that being in the Church of Masks make people happier, and it would also make Shiyeon happier. And this is something that you cannot understand until you have also become a part of them. After their conversation, he puts her back to sleep, and asks Shiyeon what she thinks. But Shiyeon is... going through things..

Images of The Gamer were taken from mangatown.com

7. Fruits Basket

Last week, I was browsing through some manga and found a manga about the descendants of the characters in Fruits Basket which I had not finished before. I decided to finish it then :3

I'm not gonna summarize it so much here, but more just express what I felt of the whole thing.

Just like how many readers have said, there are so much feels in this entire manga. It's like, every other chapter, there's a heartbreaking story to tell. It ends with a happy ending, but you can't help but feel sad, or maybe even cry a bit as you read through it.

I still don't quite understood how Kureno and Momiji were released from the bond way before the others though, but yeah, that's just how it went. Akito turned out to be a girl, though this is something I had always suspected. She just looked way too feminine than usual bishounens, and she seems to have a great hatred for women, while keeping guys around her. Anyway, she totally went crazy even stabbing Kureno just before eventually surrendering to the solace and comfort that Tohru offers so generously, but just as Akito was about to fall into Tohru's embrace, Tohru falls off a cliff. This also happened after Tohru confessed to Kyo, who didn't believe her.

She was alive though, and was hospitalized. Many visited her, including even Akito, who came after Momiji told Akito about the Traveler story. They became friends, which is basically the one thing Akito has always wanted. Kyo was the only one who didn't get to visit her in the hospital because.. well, Tohru's best friends wouldn't let him. haha. Apparently, Tohru thinks she was rejected. Kyo's fault. XD

Eventually, Kyo manages to explain to her the truth, this was on the day she was released and after he chased after her for a while. In this time, Akito has actually released everyone from the bond. So after Kyo confesses to Tohru, which officiates them as a couple, he asks if he can hug her, though he will transform right after. They hug, and are surprised when he doesn't transform.

Later, all of them who were possessed by an animal gathered for Akito's announcement. This is when the young ones found out that she was actually a girl. And there, they all remembered the memory of the first banquet, of the original promise. It was really just a promise to stay friends forever, but it got too restrictive near the end, but now everything is being righted.

Everyone ended up with whoever they were supposed to end up with. Akito and Shigure. Rin and Haru. Kureno and Arisa. Kisa and Hiro. Mine and Aya. Ritsu and Mitsuru. Hatori and Mayuko. Yuki and Machi. and Tohru and Kyo. It also seems that Saki and Kazuma (?) are together, but I'm not sure. hahaha.

Anyway, they say the manga with their descendants aren't good, but I wanna read it anyway. :3

8. Dragon Ball Super

This episode is called the "Final Barrier of Hope". Which of course, is referring to Jiren, since he is only enemy left for Universe 7 to defeat, and quite the last boss too. He now unleashes his full power and the remaining fighters just watch him with agitated faces.


When he first unleashes it, Jiren appears to be on fire, which the audience describes as a great power that reaches even to them. But after a while, his fiery aura disappears, probably signalling the completion of his unleashing.

Vegeta apparently still has some fuel in him, because after telling Jiren that they win after beating him, he was able to power up again and go for an attack, which forced the other two to attack as well. Because you know, there is power in numbers.


They keep parrying with him like that, and Jiren is annoyed with that. All this while, I am wondering where Frieza is. XD Anyway, while they fight, there was an instance where Jiren caught Vegeta off-guard and was about to get hit, but 17 pushes him and takes the hit for him.


I get why 17 did that. But leave it to Vegeta to get annoyed about it. Lol. So they keep parrying, but this time, they do it one at a time, because well, 17 is down. Goku is... somewhere. When Vegeta gets hit back by Jiren, that's when Goku starts attacking Jiren again, but of course it isn't enough, and he is sent lying down too.

Just as things seem bleak, 17 appears behind Jiren, and attacks him from behind. The kind of attack that further destroys the arena they're on, and ellicits some exclamations from 18 and Goku. Is this another sacrificial attack? Well, it didn't really make any of them drop out, so I guess, it wasn't that much, but! It was enough to wound Jiren, which is something. 17 puts up a barrage and eventually flees beside Goku, who tells him that he now knows how to deal with Jiren thanks to 17's earlier attack.

So here's the plan, Goku and Vegeta will distract Jiren, while 17 will wait for an opening and unleash a more powerful attack. A pretty good plan, is what I think. But, making such an opening ain't that easy. Especially when the enemy is able to erase attacks with his fiery red laser eyes. Lol. Eventually, 17 does see a chance, but Jiren declares that this tactic will only work once, and dispels the attack.

Jiren guns straight for 17, and destroys the long line of barriers that 17 puts up. He launches an attack at Jiren, and Goku makes another plan to attack Jiren all at the same time.


Jiren overpowers the three, however. As he looms above and says that time's up, suddenly, Frieza comes kicking him from the back. Lol. Nice entrance. Where have you been anyway??

Out of frustration, and maybe desperation as well, Frieza declares that Jiren deserves to be killed by him. Unfortunately, despite going into Golden Frieza form, he cannot do this. In fact, as he was going for an attack, it seemed that Jiren was able to freeze him mid-air with his laser eyes. hmm. Anyway, after he casts Frieza aside, Jiren is again attacked from behind by 17.

With 17's declaration that Universe 7 will survive, Belmod asks 17 what he will do with the dragon balls. (Because really, everybody here is obsessed with dragon balls.) 17 tells them that he will take a trip with his family on the cruiser. He now turns the question to Jiren, who seems to want nothing apart from the title of the "the strongest". But Jiren says that even he has something he really wishes for. At this, Belmod takes everyone on the trip down memory lane to when Jiren was a tiny kid.

So the summary is, his parents were killed by an "evildoer", and he only survived because he was rescued by a man who later became his teacher. As he trained with his master, they later gained many companions, but the evildoer came back and defeated most of them, even his master. Those that were left refused to stand with him, so he was left alone to realize that trust was worthless and that strength was absolute and winning will bring you companions.

Upon hearing this, 17 considers Jiren very human. (he clearly isn't, but let's leave it at that.) Jiren tells Belmod to stop now and attacks 17. But 17 wasn't done yet. He tells Jiren that he was just using the others for his own end, and that he was obsessed with the past. At this, Jiren attacks him, and he goes on to say that he seems to have hit a nerve. Clearly, you have, 17. 17 is left to attack Jiren by himself, because the other two, or should I say three, are still down.

Jiren has some twisted beliefs about how Strength forgives all, even the past. Hmm. I don't quite agree, but anyway, after saying this, he prepares a great attack and tells them to lament their own weakness. Just as the attack gets nearer to Goku and Vegeta, 17 gets in between and tries to stop it. Here he is, doing the noble thing again. Goku tells him to atleast save himself, and 18 says that he is not strong enough to do this, but he stands there and fights on.


He then tells Goku and Vegeta that he gave up on the cruiser. Lol.He wraps the two in barriers to protect them. And then, he says that he kinda likes how human it is to sacrifice himself for others. There is some small panels that show Frieza as well, but it seems even 17 forgot about him because he had no barriers around him. XD

The sad part comes after. 17 does not appear on the stands because he used a self-destruct to cancel Jiren's attack, so that Goku and Vegeta would not get hit. Well this one is a pretty big sacrifice. It's not like how Gohan did it. He truly sacrificed his life for this.

3 minutes remaining.
Next week, we're gonna have Vegeta against Jiren.

Images of Dragon Ball Super were taken from dragonballtime.tv

Well, that's all for me this week.

Looking forward to adding a bit more next week.

Thank you for reading,

and Good day, Steemians!

See you next week! :3

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Hi what do you think snake man would look like?

Meanwhile I started and currently at the last chapter of seven Deadly sins should have waited some more the suspense was too much

Not quite sure what snake man would look like, but I have some ideas on what it might be capable of, given the name. For one, it's probably gonna be fast, and can easily dodge attacks. And maybe the skin's gonna have some snake features too. But those are just my guess. :P
Seven Deadly Sins? Not sure I'm familiar with it, will look it up.

It is actually called Nanatsu no Taizai, quite interesting.

and for One Piece cant wait to see the next chapter, suspense just like when bounce man was introduce

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yay! Thank you @appreciator! :3

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I started reading it but stopped, then I look at it again surely it worth the time. Surely you have a way of making sweets or chocolate with words. Well done

hahaha! thanks. I know it is quite long, but I have to give them some justice than just a few lines. XD

I enjoyed going over each one

thank you for reading! glad you enjoyed it :3

Ahh, I think I gotta get back to watching dragon ball super! I've stopped at episode 80 or something, because my life became way too busy at that point and I sorta forgot about it by now... Can you imagine? I forgot about dragon ball! that's crazy...

I get you. i really do! haha. There was a time when I forgot about Haikyuu when updates were taking too long for me and life just got busy. I ended up having to read like 20 chapters to catch up. hahaha! Anime is a lot longer though, so good luck catching up! :3

Yeah... Got over 40 episodes to watch so it will take some time :D